Wednesday, May 23, 2012

These fish are dumb

Bird brain, we've all heard of that. But what about fish brain? Worked late, fished late, hit the gym late. Managed to catch four fish tonight out at Standing Bear. Buddy Todd, 0. I'm not bragging...I'm just saying. I'm not sure what it is that I'm doing to be so lucky. As of right now, my bait is frozen Kroger corn and cheap Bar-S hotdogs.

This stupid fish fell for the empty hook trick

But these fish are so freaking dumb. My line was tangled, so I cast out an empty hook and proceeded to dump my line out along the trail because it had double backed on itself somehow (just like last Sunday). I had TONS of line out and I see my bobber go down. Huh? No bait. Just a hook. Fish grabbed my empty hook! So I did another yank of the line with my hand like I did on Sunday. Hooked the sucker and Todd helped me bring the fish in.

We fished by the boat dock at Standing Bear tonight. Lots of geese and ducks around there. I noticed that the fish were also smaller on that side for some reason. Using bait to catch bait. Yeah, two of them were that small.

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