Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sure beats working...

A day off (I've had many this summer!) with little to do other than hitting the trails with a camera zip-tied to my helmet. I have taken 3o+ short video clips of Lewis and Clark and Jewell Park over the past couple of days. Sadly, I have no editing software to play with so the footage is raw and noisy. Managed to keep the rubber side down two days in a row but had a VERY close call with a rather large deer that scared the living _ _ _ _ out of me at Jewell today. We must have missed each other by no more than 3 feet. Unfortunately, the camera wasn't rolling at the time. All in all, two great days of riding.

Wish you were there...

This would be perfect for the TacoRides

Perfect for, putting bottles of water in the cooler of course! Maybe even some snacks. How convenient would this bike be? Seriously. Civia cycle truck, more photos from Interbike on the bikerumor blog entry.
Picture from Bikerumor

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Lots of familiar friends and faces on the MNR tonight at Tranquility. Thanks to Dave and Dale for showing the new guy Bob the ropes. Days are getting too short, gets dark by the middle of the second lap. Great weather and can't complain. Thanks to Brian and Dave for the "exotic" beers and to Paul for letting us use his concrete.
Sorry Aaron for rubbing it in that we were drinking the case of Dale's Pale Ale. But they were delicious and we knew how excited you were when you saw them in the fridge.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fail Fail FAIL!

While car shopping in Lincoln today, I left the dealer on 27th street and just so happened to see this in front of Golden Corral. Of course I had my camera and of course I turned around to get the shots. Hilarious! The guy was sitting outside of the U-Haul truck and he really looked baffled. I think he knew that I was snooping because he kept looking at me as I walked a huge circle around him.

I just don't understand how??? So he clearly went over the curb and then over the retaining wall. Doesn't look like a Toyota with a stuck gas pedal to me. In a huge hurry to get to the Sunday brunch?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An exciting day at the bike shop

Nope, didn't buy that carbon fiber 29er. Didn't even pull out the credit card for that matter. But there was a snake inside of Bike Masters while I was there. Caused quite the commotion!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good luck to you guys at Swanson

Race hard fellas!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A fantastic night for MNR

After a weekend of rain, the sun was a welcome sight. It meant that we would be able to hit up the Monday Night Ride with a little warmer temps and the trail would be dry. I counted at least 15 riders out last night, great turnout. I got in about two full laps and also rode to and from home, allowing me to get in about 16 miles. Excellent...

It's good to see that other people are out using the trail for other reasons than just mountain biking. There were a dozen or so women on the trail last night with dogs and harnesses. Not sure if they were part of a group or club, or what they were doing for that matter. We asked them briefly after passing them and they said they were out for the same reason that we were, to enjoy the trail. Good enough answer for me!

Other trail users were out on the trail. This group was training or just walking their dogs?

Yes, even a skateboarder at TP last night. Weird

After the group took off for home, I decided to ride the south side one more time. Knowing that it is suppose to rain all week, it will probably be my last ride for the week. Might as well get some more pedaling in and I had my Stella ready to go. It's a little scary riding in the dark by yourself on the trail. With a group, it's no big deal. But shapes on the ground started looking like animals and I did a double take a couple of times.

Descending on the South Hill at night on MNR

With nobody waiting around for me as I messed with my camera and light, I decided to try taking video of some night riding. Not very exciting on video, but it is an adrenaline rush to ride at night. Even though the terrain is as familiar as the back of your hand, there is this level of uncertainty as you come over the hill or as you take a corner.

Dave giving his thumbs-up!

Dale making his way through

Welcome to Steve, who is new to mt biking

Dave making his way through the humps

Inner loop descent at night

Monday, September 20, 2010

Todd is jealous of my new bell

Yes, I got a bell. And it is awesome. Emily went to the New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins, CO this past weekend and got me a bell. Love it. Rang it all the way home after tonight's MNR. Ever seen a bell on a full suspension? Well now you have. Todd also recommended I get an exhaust system for the Trek. Will it make me faster? Depends on the backflow...

Monday Night Ride

MNR...yeah yeah yeah. Do it. Rainy all week, get out there!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some pics from our Tuesday night ride

Rain canceled the MNR this past week and we were itching to get on the trail Tuesday. Started with a phone call from Cody. Ended up being five us riders on Tranquility after work for a quick lap and a half before darkness set in. Not too shabby, barely looked like TP got any rain at all. Less dusty was the only way you could tell it rained. Chris was out working on the trail and Greg had mowed some the morning before (with Dale possibly finishing up?), thanks guys for your hard work. And thanks Aaron and Paul for the brewskis.
Greg, Cody, Aaron, Paul and I were out for the impromptu ride 

I broke my dog

Man-1, Beast-0

Not that I intended to keep score or anything but it turns out that getting the pooch (my 2 year old Golden Doodle-half golden retriever, half standard poodle) some good old fashioned exercise was more than the poor girl was ready for. I've always really thought having a "trail dog" that kept me company on solo trail rides would be cool. I've seen many dogs trouncing after their owners keeping up or even leading the way. I've even read articles in mountain biking magazines on these super canines and all of the health benefits of getting them regular rigorous exercise. So...yesterday I got off of work early in the afternoon and figured that a Tuesday in the early Fall would be a great chance to see just how my 72 pound friend would do if given the chance to run free. Right out of the truck she sprang to life unincumbered by a leash. With this sudden new found freedom it was obvious that she didn't know if she should stick around or make a break for it. She anxiously waited for me to clip in and start pedaling, but that was all the cue she needed. Kibbles took off like a rocket and to my complete amazement, she carved the trail ahead of me as if she were on a rail. She blazed along with more excitement than I've ever seen from this normally docile and gentle creature. Tongue wagging and running like a greyhound after a rabbit, she was admittedly difficult to keep up with. Then, as we were approaching the last section of trees before crossing the dirt road (at Tranquility) I passed her. She was laboring a bit so I opted to stop in a shaded area where we both took in some cold water from my bottle. We rested for a few minutes and then I clipped in once again and summoned her to follow. She picked up where we left off, but it was obvious that she didn't have the energy to zip along the trail as she did in the beginning. We made it to the road and I decided not to press on to the south side. The poor girl hadn't paced herself well (we've all been there). As I rode through the last section of the ride, she was having terrible difficulty keeping up. I kept calling to her encouraging her to finish strong but she just didn't have anything left in the tank. I actually had to lift her into the truck. I was pretty proud of her and how well she stuck to the trail. I was on cloud nine thinking that I too now have a "trail dog" that people will comment about and envy...

Flash forward a bit:

Kibbles cannot walk. She is hobbling around like a 20 year old dog stricken with the worse case of arthritis ever. Her legs are shaking with every step, and she limits those to only those that she has to take. This morning, more of the same. I call the vet and make an appointment. Diagnosis: Severe blisters on 3 of her feet. She spent most of the night chewing them off, exposing such tender spots that it pains her to even stand up. I feel HORRIBLE. The vet was encouraging however, in that he said that there's no reason to stop taking her on the trails (after she heals of course), just to ease her in to the distances a little at a time. Needless to say, I will proceed with great caution going forward. I just wanted to share in case you were thinking of taking your pooch out for a nice run on your local trails.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time to break the silence

I can keep quiet no longer. I finally pulled the trigger after over 14 months agonizing over which bike I wanted to invest in. And it IS as serious as investing. Hardtail? Full-suspension? 29er? Fisher, Trek, Scott, Cannondale, Specialized, Felt, Giant? etc. etc. etc. and we haven't even discussed components. Where do you set your standards and still fit the whole package into your (my) budget? For me, everything came together at The Bike Way ( when I poured over what was soon to be my new love. A dead-sexy Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29'er. Our blessed union took place on July 23rd at 1:02 p.m. and the honeymoon is still in full swing. I truly love this bike and am absolutely ecstatic that I went with a hardtail 29'er. There's nothing that I've asked of this bike that it hasn't done with ease. Any mishaps (ok, so I went over the bars on my second outing) thus far have been strictly pilot error. As with everything you've heard about big wheels, this machine rolls over all in its path, climbs like a mountain goat and descends with ease. In fact, the speed at which it gathers on a downhill can catch you off guard if you're not careful. Luckily, the big and capable Avid Elixer brakes can save you in such situations. I now have a few miles on the bike (XTERRA B.O.L.T. triathlon, Dakota Five-0, countless laps around Tranquility and a ride at Swanson) and other than a loose spoke on the rear wheel, I've had zero problems. In fact, the bike just seems to get better with every ride. Or perhaps that's the rider...either way, I'm looking forward to many miles and years of wedded bliss ahead.

Cory, thought I'd repost this pic of you on that dead sexy beast. mw

Was lazy...didn't bike all weekend long

Didn't race, didn't put the phrase, "I'm a weekend warrior" to use either this past weekend. Didn't really accomplish much, but did spend time with friends. Friday night, Cody invited me to see the band The Bad Fathers play at The Hideout. I didn't even know this place existed at 72nd and Jones. Best way to explain their music? Southern Cali rock/hip hop with less emphasis on the hip hop. Almost like Queens of the Stone Age meets angry rap lyrics with some blues chords kicked in. Pretty cool sounding and I wish there were more bands around like them.
The Bad Fathers rocked The Hideout out Friday night 

Check out the 6inch mohawk on the singer!

Saturday, slept in late and skipped the race at Branched Oak. I considered going to get some photography in...didn't even make it that far. Oh well, next time. Met up with a bunch of friends at the new Roja downtown Saturday evening. If you like the one out west, you'll like the one in the Old Market! Everyone has been asking me where it is at. It is where the old Garden Cafe use to be next to the parking garage. They have a big outdoor patio which is perfect this time of year. Then walked over to Havana Garage at 10th and Howard Street. The great atmosphere and live jazz band was enough to get us to go back multiple times. Yes, it is a cigar bar so they allow smoking of cigars inside.

Emily and I out at Havana Garage
Was looking forward to some MNR tonight. I think Cody and Aaron were too. But why wouldn't it start pouring rain at 3pm? Grrr....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Giro enters the world of bike shoes

I'm about due for some new mt biking shoes and a new helmet. My Shimanos shoes are probably about 10years old and my helmet is pushing two. Just waiting for new stuff to come out. Adding to the options are the new Giro shoes, found a quick review and rundown on the Outside magazine blog. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Give the boy some luv...

Todd started up his own blog, check it out and become a follower. He's already got a few blog entries up about his experience at the Xterra Bolt, Sugar Bottom, and the Maskenthine race. Pedal2themetal. Check it out!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

@ TQ 4 WNR n' BBQ

Did you figure that one out? At Tranquility for Wednesday Night Ride and a BBQ behind Paul's truck. Good times, lots of riders. My legs weren't pushing too well tonight. Pretty slow actually and a little disappointed in myself. Oh well.

Chris making it look easy

We had two major wipeouts early in the game...beginning of the first lap actually. One rider I know who will go unnamed, fell pretty close to where I bashed my knee on the tree trunk. The second rider fell about 100 feet after the first accident. I didn't know the rider but it sounds like they got caught on the lip of the trail, lost control, then hit a tree with their shoulder. Supposedly tore up his ear pretty bad to the point where they probably had to get stitches. Yikes!

Paul and Aaron coming down the Inner Loop

Some riders did two laps, some did a little more than one. I did ride out to the trail from home so I'll give myself some credit there. Afterwards, drinks and good food grilled by Paul at the parking lot. Good times!
Don't remember what Andy was talking about, but it LOOKS important!

The electrolyte replenisher that comes in a tallboy

Jim was out at TQ tonight, usually only see him on the Taco Rides

Andy was also out

Quite a few riders out tonight, plus a few more already on the trail

Krista before her F***. It rhymes with tall.

Aaron taking care of business

Paul says, "Let's eat!"

The weekend

It's nice having a three day weekend. We need more of those! Biking, bbqs, and shopping filled the three days. Weather has been amazing, but a little too cool for drinking at the pool. Allergies have been killing me, been popping meds like a mofo and I've been drowsy like crazy. Oh well, just means more sleep under my belt.
Emily was in town with her lil sis, the superheroes were out at Septemberfest

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dancing Dog

You have to see this, watch from beginning to end.

Calvin Crest revisited

Saturday morning rolled around and the weather was once again perfect. Cody and I decided to show Aaron what he missed out on during last weekend's inaugural ride at Calvin Crest. Aaron liked it! Just like Mikey likes it. We got in two laps this time, legs were still a little wore out from the Taco Ride two nights before. Starting to get to know the trail a little better, like when to slow down and what section is coming up next. As of right now, my two favorite sections are the very beginning and the singletrack right before the tower climb. Both have a lot of speed with very little need for pedaling which is why I like it so much. Little effort with a big payout!

Trail conditions were great! It had rained three days before, so the trail was a perfect tacky for traction. No wet or muddy spots, just great riding conditions throughout. In fact, all three of us made it up the Tower Climb both laps! Once we get more people out there to ride that trail, I can see it getting faster and more fun!

Yes I baked cookies before the ride. Got a problem with that?

 Watch out for the nettles and/or poison ivy. I went ahead of the group on the Tower Climb to get some pictures. Put my bike against a tree off of the trail and my leg rubbed against a plant and it seriously hurt most of the day! OUCH!

Picture of me provided by Cody

Being the leader means lots of spiderwebs in your face

FYI, at the end of next week they are having 3D archery so the trails are closed to mountain bikers. Please check the Calvin Crest schedule before you ride out there.
Cody making it through the fast switchback

My favorite shot. I need to bring out the DSLR next time and hope for better lighting conditions

More from Calvin Crest from DJ Chi Wai on Vimeo.

from Aaron's toy

600th Taco Ride

Whoever started the Taco Ride is a genius. Who knew that eleven and a half years later a bike ride to get tacos in a small town in Iowa would still be so popular. Paul, Aaron, Amanda and I met up with some folks from West Corp and made our way down to Mineola last Thursday evening. The weather was perfect, but it did get a little chilly while eating our 20 plus tacos and nachos that we didn't order. The FishHeads were playing in the street and providing the entertainment that night.
Paul and his HIGHLY visibly lightning suit
TikiTorch attached to a bike trailer...interesting
The FishHeads were playing that night on the street

The fixsters were out

Stopping at Margaritaville is a must!

My attempt at some night riding photography...yeah not so much

We didn't order those...but I'll eat them anyway!