Monday, March 9, 2015


The day was nice and I couldn't wait to get outside. But now I'm sore and achy all over and can't get warm. This happened to me when I rode last Monday in less than 30 degree weather, but with today being 60 degrees I figured that I would be fine!

Somehow she was smiling. I was not. Gravel and smiling don't go together!

Anyway I took the old school Schwinn out for a ride. Coaster brakes and single speed are killer in the streets of Waterford!

Pretty cool considering it was 60 degrees out

This past Saturday Elise and I decided to hit the good ol' Dutch Hall Road for some gravel fun. Except we went to the zoo earlier that morning. And she had a show that night. Saw the treads in the gravel from Paul, Linda, Brian and Doug. Made it for a round trip of over ten miles. What was actually worse was riding the mucky trail around Prairie View Lake. Sucked your energy and wheels into the softness. The hills seemed easier this year, but it might have been because we rode a little bit slower. I could actually catch my breath for once!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Elise and I in Chicago

Elise recently tried out for the Voice out in Chicago. Was it cold out? Yes. How about standing at Navy Pier for two hours at 5am cold? Yes, very cold. We can bike in 10 degree weather with -6 windchill, but standing and not moving is the most terrible feeling. Needless to say, once she went inside to audition I was off to my cousin's condo to go back to sleep!

Poutine from Goose Island Brewery

My cousin Eric and I drinking soda flavored adult beverages!

And so begins the wait at 5am. Thermals, blankets, and even a sleeping bag around us to keep us warm!

I was waiting for an awesome sunrise but it never happened

The line went all way, and even off the pier

We had fun. We hit up Goose Island Brewery along with Revolution Brewery. Did some shopping on Michigan Avenue, had a big family dinner in Chinatown, then it was back home after that! Fun times with Elise and my family. So much fun in fact that my cousin came down this weekend and stayed with me one week later! Crazy good times in Benson, Alpine Inn, downtown, and even made it out to Desoto NWR to see the sunsent.

Inside of Eataly

It's like a food Ikea


Crate and Barrel

And more eating!

Pops and I doing a selfie at the restaurant!

Squid. It wasn't all smiles after she bit into it! HA!

Now those are some big tires! Probably 40s?

SURLY on tap!

Was at Binney's in Chicago and came across these beers on tap. Anybody recognize the names??? Did some research and turns out the two companies are not related. Boo.

They turned this old warehouse into a bar, which is owned by a huge liquor store, which is too close to a school so they can't open their doors in the summer!