Monday, October 21, 2013

Jones Loop bar and some new tires!

Let me clear that up right away. I want these things. I haven't bought them yet. The leaves are falling and I need some new shoes for my bike. Anybody have about $420 (to be exact) laying around? I would like to order some new fatbike tires (120 tpi of course) and a Jones H-bar Loop handlebar. I originally wanted the H bar cut handlebar but come to find out that it requires thumbshifters that are above the bar. Silly. The question is, will the new handlebars fit in my Jeep or will they punch through my rear glass when the bike is standing up. Hmm... Darn...looks like they've stopped making the Titec H bar knockoff of the JJ counterpart.

Day late and a dollar short! Everyone have a great week!

*spent some time reading up on fat bike tires. Dillinger (studded), Escalator, Nate, Larry, Husker Du, Knard, and Devist8er, Those are my options. That's it.. Surly discontinued the Endomorph which I personally thought was a great tire. Like Big Mike and I discussed, it was like an angled paddle wheel. Great for getting through the snow and dirt. The problem is that these tires are hella expensive. I'm looking to get some new wheels and tires on the Jeep and a fat bike tire that might last me two years is as much as a Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac? Are you kidding me? I guess you have to pay to play....

Hmm...what if I threw on some cheapo tires for now on the bike? Enough to get me through the fall and winter riding before I drop 4x the amount on a good set of tires. Something like these?

ReActive Adapations

Fat Bomber and Fat Nuke. Check out the video. Looks like a ton of work, but pretty awesome that people with/without a handicap can also enjoy those fat tires in the snow!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chocolate Festival!

How would I describe this event? Like Black Friday, except its women with children going after chocolate. Yikes! Elise had won two tix to this event that was being held at the whatever hotel convention center out by Cabelas. Yeah. I already forgot the name of it. But thats not important. What's important is that we got to sample 5 items each per ticket, ranging from candy, to choc flavored popcorn, to cupcakes and bundt cakes. Anything dealing with chocolate was there, including a snow cone make.

A mint chocolate chip cupcake

Pretty funny stuff right there

So I usually enter myself into raffles, especially if they go towards a good cause. But for some reason, the thought didn't even cross my mind this time. Elise on the other hand purchased five raffle tickets and put my name on two of them. Well guess who won...TWICE! I got a phone call that same afternoon saying that I had won a raffle. I happened to see a nice pair of sunglasses behind the lady and said ooh that would be nice to win. Well I didn't win that. Instead, what I won was a $25 gift certificate to Pettit's bakery AND a huge candy basket from Smej's candy shop on 120th and Blondo. Sugar overload!

It was fun, but way too many people. Vendors were running out of samples after only a few hours. I spoke to the lady telling me about my winnings. Last year, they had 2500 in attendance and it was held at the field club. Well this year, 5000 showed up! Crazy sweet times.

The raffle winnings.

The raffle

Way too many people fighting for sweets.

Those cool things you see while riding...

It was a fall day...temps were in the 60s...the sun was hop on the bike for a pavement ride, not knowing what you'll see that day. That happens alot in the fall, you come across an over-the-top Halloween decorated house, some awesome trees that are beginning their change into fall colored foliage, or a guy cleaning out his garage up the street with his 442 in the driveway (is this a true 442?). Nice...

Headed for a ride around Standing Bear Lake

Treats after!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tranquility Trail Day

Not your normal mowing and a weed wacky this time. This time we're moving dirt. Saturday, October 12, 2013.  8:45am. Go!

"back fill the south hill climb and inner loop. Tools needed are shovels, hoes and tampers. Meet at fort st trail head"

Oh yeah, and this!

"Tranquility: south side of the trail will be closed this Saturday 10/12 for the duration of the trail day. We are going to be hauling a lot of dirt and with tractors and trucks on the trail, we'd really prefer not to run you over. Please join us for the trail day if you can..."

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Helmet Set to Revolutionize Mountain Biking

Smith is entering the bike helmet world, sounds pretty good. Although for down hill/mountain right now, its stronger and lighter than your EPS foam helmet. A bit pricey now, but maybe prices will come down.

I use their ski/snowboarding helmets and so far they've worked great.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stolen BIke Alert!

My buddy Paul had his bike taken from work. Please be on the lookout for this bike. If you happen to see someone riding it, punch or kick them in the face then take off on the bike!

Paul Neuberger
Please be on the lookout for old Marin taken from the garage.
It's a 2000 Model: Palisades Trail
Serial Number: C420AAD035
It is silver, has a rack, red grips, a Thompson seat post, and Michelin Tires.