Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And then sometimes this happens

And you're miles away from home. And you have no tools or cell phone on you. Just your two feet and a hand. The hand because you need to lift the rear of the 35 lb bike all the way home because the rear wheel is now decentered and rubbing against the frame. Grrr...the great stories of riding a vintage SS!

I should probably get some locktite and put some on to prevent the rear hub from slipping again. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Uh oh, things just got real.

Real for salsa that is because now they have competition for my money! Salsa bucksaw, full suspended fat. 9zero7, fat bike full suspension in prototype stage. Get some....

Photo from

hmm...the Niner 29+. This bike could be fun! 
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This is brilliant!

How many times have you lost your commuter light at the bottom of your bag, car, work bench, etc etc? Well, why not a magnetic light! Seriously I can never find my rear taillight especially before running out the door for a taco ride or pavement ride. This would solve all that!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Not the dollar crap you buy from Hy-Vee. But the massive ones that cost big bucks and require a decent amount of breeze to get up in the air. These were out in Elkhorn the other weekend.  I recently bought a kite (small enough to fit in my suitcase!) and had it going on the beach at Myrtle Beach. Fun and great time although I need to modify it just a little bit.


My sister being lazy and flying her stunt kite while laying down under the beach umbrella

There's some new fat in town!

I'm not jealous yet...yet I say. But getting close. New colors, wheel sizes and brands, and lighter carbon fatbikes are slowly surrounding me on the trail. So many choices! But that's a good thing! I hope it's a while before someone brings around the Bluto suspension fork on their fatbike. I say this because I just might have to jump on THAT bandwagon!

There's some new fat in town!

Yeah sometimes we ride other nights!

Mondays...A long weekend often equates to a crappy day at work on Monday. The day is long and nobody really wants to be there. A good ride with friends afterwards always helps to set the mood for the rest of the week. But what happens when an impromptu ride gets set up for any other day other than Monday? just ride of course!

Wow. I guess deer do have to pee. 

And then they rode off into the sunset...