Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tires ordered!

BAM! No more having to ask what is good and what is not. It's been ordered. Done. Out $240. Yikes!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some good stuff right here

Leave it to those guys at Surly to crack you up. They leave sayings in their tubes/tires, and now I find these stickers on ebay. These pictures were taken from sellers on ebay fyi!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Borealis Bikes

Not quite as light as my future Salsa Beargrease, but here's another brand making a carbon fatbike. Weighs in at 26 lbs.

Vee Rubber

Hmm...went on their website and took a gander at what they have to offer. They have a small block 8 version of the fat tire. Also they have an interesting tire built for the pavement. Options are good!

Samsung pays off Apple

Lawsuit blah blah is the result...or at least according to this article. True or not?

Friday, November 15, 2013

New toys for the JK

3300 Lumens. Is that bright enough for you?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Be bulletproof and look good at the same time!

You think I'm kidding???

fyi It'll cost you $20k.

Its a start to prevent stolen bicycles!

Came across this article the other day in the OWH Midlands section. UNL campuses now have bait bikes, basically decommissioned police bikes that have been rebuilt and they're hoping they get stolen. Why you ask? Because they have built in GPS to help them be found. Here are a couple of the articles.

Now a couple questions I have to ask are one, why can't we buy a bicycle with built in GPS to help us find our stolen bikes. This would also become useful if a biker gets hit on the road and ends up in the ditch, or a mt biker becomes stranded or lost. I remember three years ago a rider had a heart attack during the taco ride and ended up off the trail only to be found the next day after the family had searched for him. Yes it may be expensive and the battery would have to be replaced. But what if it was built into a tail light of sort.

My second question is why is this bait concept not being used on bicycle thieves around town? I'm sure there isn't the manpower, but just announce that this is out there to at least make thieves think twice.

And lastly, the article explains the severity of the charge based on the value of the bike. That I understand, but heck, a bike theft should be treated as a bike theft. Same all across the board. Steal a car, bike, jewelry, theft is theft in my book.

Anyway here are the articles

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some really cool surreal images

Yes, photoshopped. But they add the real to the unreal. Hmm...all done in black and white. That would make it alot easier to blend the photos...Will have to keep that in mind!

When your phone autocorrects...

Yeah we've all been there. It puts in the wrong words. Hit send and its too late. Well check these out, they are hilarious!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time lapse photography

A photography did an amazing job taking time lapse photos from his Shanghai apartment for two full years. Pretty cool video with music, check it out.

From the 23rd from Joe Nafis on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

THOR Bike Pub Crawl

I already can't remember the name that they dreamed up for this event. Creepy crawly bike ghoulish post Halloweenalyptic in the hood pub crawl with Karaoke is what I'm going to call it. And boy was it a good time!

Like the calm before the storm. Sober pictures first! Sober pictures first!

Was busy detailing the Jeep all afternoon. Man that Turtle Wax Ice is easy to use, but not cheap. Anyway, showed up late to the crawl. Probably a good thing because when organized drinking begins before 7pm, it usually ends in drunkeness at heights that equal krazy fun good times.

Bring it. Bring that smooth as glass shine.

LED eyeballs on the GF!

Yes there was actual biking involved!

The crawl started off at Crescent Moon, moseyed on over to Brother's, then Sullivan's, then to super stinky Marleybone (smelled like vomit throughout the bar), and finally to Aldermans. What's at Aldermans you ask? Drunken karaoke with costumes of course! Duh!

Is this Santa up year round at Marleybone?

This was dive bar central, but sometimes its the most fun that way. I was waiting for a huge van (no offense Ryan) to pull up and take all of our bikes away. Sometimes thats why I'm glad I still have my 96 Gary Fisher. Take it...then I'll have an excuse to pick up a new Salsa El Mariachi! Its always fun to talk to people at the bars that are like whoa, bikers are coming in. And I mean bicyclists...

Cody got busted for dropping the soap. And Emilie said spread em, then the cuffs came out.

Made it to Aldermans. PBR in a jar. Oh boy. How much water did I drink? None. How long did my headache last on Sunday? Until I went to bed that night. Will I ever learn my lesson? Nope!

Karaoke in the hood. A lady told me that this guy is a regular and frequently sings Backstreet boys and NSync. Awesome!

Easy E in the house! 

I struck up a conversation with a lady (that couldn't sing btw) about how we are a volunteer organization that helps to take care of the dirt trails around Omaha. She was surprised that groups like ours exist thought it was super cool. Yup. Then her boyfriend proceeded to drunkenly harass females in the bar and nearly get kicked out twice. Good times! People watching in those places is way better than the airport. Might be on par with the people at the Greyhound station!

Ryan busting a groove...and on the mic! Talent right there!

Hey that's my mask!

Karl swung by on his birthday and proceeded to spill his beer that I bought him. My newly met share-a-bike-lock-with friend Richelle proceeded to get hit on by two if not three guys that she didn't even know. Boy that was funny stuff. Tag team back again! Ryan was a singing fool and people left there pretty happy. It was a good time. Roxy and whoever else deserves credit even managed to pick up some prizes including lights, bags, and other goody prizes. Thanks THOR for another great pub crawl! Last year was good and we biked a lot more. But it also rained on us last year. That was not enjoyable. This year's ride was only 2 miles and I guess I'm okay with that. Looking forward to next year!

Karl, I still don't understand

Those beer goggles! 

The peach and rum in a flask and almost getting kicked out for having it. I said almost.

Yeah, no longer sober.

Once again, no longer sober.

Picture of myself!

Usually I try to choose something scenic or bike related as my background image for this blog. Something that inspires me (and hopefully you) to go ride more and to soak up the scenery. Well this time, its a picture of myself on the bike. A self portrait if you may, taken while biking at a Monday night ride two weeks ago. I don't usually take pictures from the side, usually from the front or the back. But this one turned out quite well. I do remember thinking that this is the perfect opportunity to fall. I had my glove off and was holding it in my left hand, had my right hand holding the camera out to the side and had the bike moving at a decent pace to get the movement in the picture. What do you think?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diet soda anyone?

Yikes, didn't realize it was so bad for you. I usually only drink 1 or 2 cans of diet soda per day. Guess we'll just have to drink more beer!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Love this holiday. Parties, bars, and tomorrow night a Thor pub crawl by bike with costumes. Unfortunately didn't make it to any dance clubs, thats the best because you can dance like an idiot dressed up and nobody has any clue who you are.

Some pics!

Curt and Danielle, newly engaged couple!

So I handed out a ton of candy Halloween night. But the kids were creeping me out. Instead of ringing the doorbell or knocking on my door, they would just look through my storm door and stare into my house. Like they were scoping the joint. Maybe they were mesmerized by the dog with the LED eyeballs, but it was freaking me out. 

Elise was up singing with her friends from Hidden Agenda at Two Fine Irish

Crazy, ended up bumping into someone I had met years ago, the boyfriend of a friend of a friend. I heard the GF say my name, and I was like huh?