Tuesday, November 5, 2013

THOR Bike Pub Crawl

I already can't remember the name that they dreamed up for this event. Creepy crawly bike ghoulish post Halloweenalyptic in the hood pub crawl with Karaoke is what I'm going to call it. And boy was it a good time!

Like the calm before the storm. Sober pictures first! Sober pictures first!

Was busy detailing the Jeep all afternoon. Man that Turtle Wax Ice is easy to use, but not cheap. Anyway, showed up late to the crawl. Probably a good thing because when organized drinking begins before 7pm, it usually ends in drunkeness at heights that equal krazy fun good times.

Bring it. Bring that smooth as glass shine.

LED eyeballs on the GF!

Yes there was actual biking involved!

The crawl started off at Crescent Moon, moseyed on over to Brother's, then Sullivan's, then to super stinky Marleybone (smelled like vomit throughout the bar), and finally to Aldermans. What's at Aldermans you ask? Drunken karaoke with costumes of course! Duh!

Is this Santa up year round at Marleybone?

This was dive bar central, but sometimes its the most fun that way. I was waiting for a huge van (no offense Ryan) to pull up and take all of our bikes away. Sometimes thats why I'm glad I still have my 96 Gary Fisher. Take it...then I'll have an excuse to pick up a new Salsa El Mariachi! Its always fun to talk to people at the bars that are like whoa, bikers are coming in. And I mean bicyclists...

Cody got busted for dropping the soap. And Emilie said spread em, then the cuffs came out.

Made it to Aldermans. PBR in a jar. Oh boy. How much water did I drink? None. How long did my headache last on Sunday? Until I went to bed that night. Will I ever learn my lesson? Nope!

Karaoke in the hood. A lady told me that this guy is a regular and frequently sings Backstreet boys and NSync. Awesome!

Easy E in the house! 

I struck up a conversation with a lady (that couldn't sing btw) about how we are a volunteer organization that helps to take care of the dirt trails around Omaha. She was surprised that groups like ours exist thought it was super cool. Yup. Then her boyfriend proceeded to drunkenly harass females in the bar and nearly get kicked out twice. Good times! People watching in those places is way better than the airport. Might be on par with the people at the Greyhound station!

Ryan busting a groove...and on the mic! Talent right there!

Hey that's my mask!

Karl swung by on his birthday and proceeded to spill his beer that I bought him. My newly met share-a-bike-lock-with friend Richelle proceeded to get hit on by two if not three guys that she didn't even know. Boy that was funny stuff. Tag team back again! Ryan was a singing fool and people left there pretty happy. It was a good time. Roxy and whoever else deserves credit even managed to pick up some prizes including lights, bags, and other goody prizes. Thanks THOR for another great pub crawl! Last year was good and we biked a lot more. But it also rained on us last year. That was not enjoyable. This year's ride was only 2 miles and I guess I'm okay with that. Looking forward to next year!

Karl, I still don't understand

Those beer goggles! 

The peach and rum in a flask and almost getting kicked out for having it. I said almost.

Yeah, no longer sober.

Once again, no longer sober.

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