Thursday, March 27, 2014

3D printing, not just for fun?

Wow, check this out. Those 3d printers, the ones that you program using a computer and it spits out whatever you can imagine using melted plastics, was actually put to use for something useful. I'm sure that there are many good uses for them, but I just imagine making toys out of the 3d printer. Well this time, it was used to make a shell of a brain/skull for a lady that was having trouble with thickening of her skull.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Juggernaut Fatty!

Pictures of this Franken Fat Trike have been floating around for a few days now. Cody originally sent me the link. Crazy? Yes! Super wide looking handlebars, probably weighs a ton. But heck it might be a blast to ride. At least once. Dual front brakes, dual fatty. And wow, only weighs in at 55.8 lbs! Double fat!

Flying RC Delorean

And We're Back!

MNR is back and alive again! No more of those freezing cold paved rides. We're riding dirt again and it's spectacular! For the most part, the trails are dry. Some sloppy moist sections here and there, please just remember to ride right on through it. Don't go off to the side over the grass, you're just making it worse.

Six of us made it out this past Monday to Tranquility. It was slow going for me, seriously first ride in over a month. Sad. As for temps, it was actually pretty chilly. I couldn't feel my toes or fingers during most of the ride. Not really cold, but the wind was gnarly.

Am I ready for the Swanson race this weekend? Nope. I might show up just to get some fresh air, take some photos, and be there to cheer on the friends that will be racing. Good luck to those racing! We'll see with this forecasted rain if it will happen.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Match madness bracket

Got your bracket handy? You could win ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Fat chance tho. Buffett its  giving away 1 billion bucks if you can get all 64 teams right! Said he'll buy you out at final four if you make it that far. Your chance of getting all right is 1 in 9 quintillion they say. Crazy. Even the new outlet mall here is doing a million dollar giveaway for match madness.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crocodile Hunters last words

I use to love watching Steve Irwin and his show. It was entertaining, informative, he was out in nature and enjoying it! Anyway, here's an article about his death and his last words. Too bad he didn't say something cool, but that was probably last on his mind.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Wet not ride

Please don't hop on the dirt trails. They are muck right now and despite the desire to ride because of this amazing weather...don't do it.

This photo is from CP from tranquillity yesterday.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

THOR Meeting

Yesterday's annual THOR meeting took place where around 40 like minded individuals convened to discuss the future of the trails, the club, and what needs to be accomplished in the year 2014. One cool part was what do we expect or want to see with our trails by 2020. A lot of similar ideas were discussed, one of the ones that I liked the most was the ability to ride to every trail by way of a paved trail or bike lane. Traffic sucks and I would rather not deal with it if I were going to bike to the trail.

Also, another good one that actually our group came up with was a smartphone or tablet app. This app would have updated trail conditions, maps, a calendar of events/races, and also a report button similar to what was on the website.

Talks of maybe a new trail  being looked into and also the addition to a couple of our current trails were also discussed. Good meeting, but man meeting that early downtown on a Saturday really made me tired! New shirt color was also pretty exciting, too bad I had just enough to pay for membership dues! It was also brought up of how THOR is looking to become a chapter of IMBA. It sounds great, but IMBA will take 60 percent of our membership dues and leave us with only 40 percent. Sounds like they will be digging into our wallets a bit, but at the same time they hope to bring on more members to hopefully offset that. Eh, we'll see how it goes.

Dig on!

Issue of BRAIN discusses fat bikes

And how they are helping Nordic ski areas stay in business. Not enough snow to cross country ski, hop on your fatty? Hopefully these two snow activities can exist in peace. Just be respectful of each other, just like trail runners/walkers and mt bikers on singletrack.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

From Stock...

To Mean and sexy...