Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nebraska Supersonic

What's that? A biking comedy made in Nebraska? No way! One of my favorite scenes in Napolean Dynamite is where Napolean attempts to jump the ramp with Pedro's bike. Take it off of any sweet jumps? I think I need to find this movie! Notice the Omaha landmarks in the background. Website found at

Way too funny to pass up

A friend just so happened to change his facebook picture to an improv show that he is in this week. This picture sums up how our bike rides have been and EXACTLY what we've done this summer.

Another weekend wipeout caught by the Canon

Okay, so we are pushing our luck. Today's ride was intended to get Patty comfortable on the singletrack for her upcoming night adventure race. Lake Manawa is pretty tame so we took her there. Funny thing is that the rookie was the only one to stay upright on her bike. I managed to fall down and land on my shoulder while not even on my bike. Todd did a crazy nasty endo in the playground area, but luckily he is okay. That makes for two weeks in a row with two wipeouts per ride. I think we need to find a new sport, maybe an activity involving the word NERF. The photos tell the story on this one.

Another great weekend for the books

Finally I can get some rest. We partied hard this past weekend and I somehow managed to go biking this morning. From Megan's going away party to long time friend John and Toni spending time with us Omaha folk, I would say the weekend was a great success! About the pictures...lets just say my camera tells the story best when 3am rolls around.

Anyone can comment

Changed a setting where anyone may now comment. No longer need to sign in.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mountain bike videos

I recently purchased a group of mountain bike videos by the Collective group containing The Collective, Roam, and Seasons. Awesome videos that get you pumped for your next ride. They all cover some trials riding, XC, stunt and downhill riding. Only complaint I had was that the three videos contain mostly the same riders. Otherwise, great filming and photography really capture what it means to be on a mountain bike.

Anyone ever watch the Kranked video series? These may be next on my to buy list! Any recommendations for others?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Today was a good day

You know the weekend is off to a good start when during surgery, the radio goes from playing the Top Gun theme song to Rob Base - It Takes Two. Also old friends in town and bike ride planned at Manawa on Sunday. Ice Cube said it best...Today was a good day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taco Ride 8-27

Another successful taco ride (meaning no injuries in our group-and we didn't witness anybody losing teeth this time!) tonight. Got off to a much earlier start than usual and the weather was perfect. Even some open containers again at Margaritaville which was nice to see because everybody was in control. There weren't even any bikes stuck high in the trees this time. Yep, the taco ride went off at was intended, a fun ride with a few beers and some tacos-which also seemed better than usual. We'll have to see if we can get out there a few more times as the season winds down and before the weather turns cold. Anyone reading this blog who is not familiar with the taco ride, visit for details, then mark your calendar, buy a bike and get out there!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jay Z, Rihanna, and Kanye in Run This Town

Song is great!!!

Reroute of Swanson trail to accommodate Todd's wiping out?

T.H.O.R. has just posted a notice about a future change in trail route at Swanson due to landowners request. I guess Todd's multiple wipeouts by the fence north of the firehouse wasn't entertaining enough for the landowners to continue letting us use that portion of the trail. Watch for changes on the T.H.O.R. blog.

Rain rain go away

Who needs rain dances? You know how washing your car taunts mother nature and it rains the next day? Instead just ask Todd and I to schedule a bike ride or triathalon for that matter. Our trail rides keep getting canceled due to the rain. At least a half dozen! Maybe we need to ride on the whim for now on.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I need money for gas so I can pick up my foodstamps"

A guy used that line on us in the Maplewood bowling alley parking lot last night. It started off with a random guy walking up to us saying that it was his birthday. Cool man, happy birthday. Should we break out in song and dance for you? Then the sob story of how his mama died on his birthday when he was born. Feel so sorry for you brother. What’s that? Oh, suddenly we are best friends and you need money? I got in my car while my buddies pulled out some ones. They really felt bad for him. He walks off and we decide to stop at the BP gas station around the corner. Oh, look who is inside with a cigarette in his hand and a 6 pack of beer (and not the cheap beer either!!!)! We walked in and chewed his ass out, the cashier had this surprised look on his face because we caught him off guard and thought a fight was going to break out. Random guy promised to give us a beer, we said okay. As soon as he paid, he took off on foot and didn’t look back.

Moral is don’t bother giving people money that walk up to you with a sob story. Coming out of a movie theater one night, my date and I were approached by a guy saying that his wife was pregnant and they needed gas to get to the hospital (turns out a coworker had the same line used on her). It was freezing temps outside and we felt bad for him. But we refused to give him money and quickly got in the car. We watched him walk off and get into a car with a bunch of guys. Then we see another car pull up to them and more of his buddies were inside. Get a F*ing job buddy! BTW…I bowled awesome last night!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a hurtin boy!

My body is really sore today after yesterday's tumble at Lewis and Clark. I feel like I was bull riding that 3400 lb angus. Just think of all of those angus burgers! Anyway, this is the tree trunk I fell off of. Had the speed to get over, just missed the logs going down. How convenient that I had my helmet cam going at the same time. Video posted to the right.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Only at the Iowa State Fair!

Are you kidding me? America doesn't have a problem with obesity. Not sure why healthcare analysts would state this. At the Iowa State Fair this past weekend, everything fried on stick and my half pound pork tenderloin sandwich with a huge basket of fries. All dipped in ranch dressing of course!
Below are the 3400 lb Angus, 1300 lb boar, and the butter sculptures. They wouldn't allow the artist to make Michael Jackson!

Lewis & Clark

Great ride on the trails today. And only 2 out of 3 riders went over their handlebars. I won't name names here but there should be a good video of one of the wipeouts online soon.

Taco Ride with a touch of rain

So last Thursday we considered going on the taco ride, even with the on and off rain all day long. Did we heed the warnings of Patty? No. It started raining on the Wabash about 5 miles into it. Most people turned around or hid under the shelters. At that point in time, Todd and I decided to just ride faster

2009 Tranquility Tire Tantrum

Here are a few of the 300 some photos that I took at Tranquility that day. It was 100 degrees out and I had decided to not make it my first race. Can you blame me?  Check out the Tranquility Tire Tantrum photos

Why did we start this blog???

Since alot of my pictures that I recently took are showing up on random peoples' blogs , I figured why not start my own?

We'll try to keep it interesting by discussing bikes, cars, music, whatever comes to mind. I'll try to post up some photos too. Maybe last night's stories will even show up. Got it?