Thursday, February 28, 2013

I don't mess around!

Sub. Bump bump bump

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finally a MNR!

Oh man how I've missed riding on Monday nights. Work late. Too cold. Too wet. Too muddy. You get the picture. EXCUSES. Well yesterday while sitting at work, I decided that I would ride no matter what (pending trail conditions!). It was short notice, but I managed to get a few to ride.

Well, trail conditions weren't the greatest. I was hoping that the snow would be similar to Saturday and Sunday's, but that just wasn't the case. A high of 36 degrees on Monday just killed the snow. Muddy spots were appearing and the trail was getting bumpy from the thawing and refreezing around other trail user's tracks. You know that part that is usually like a highway closest to the Kelly Parking lot? Yeah. BuMpY!!!

Hokey Pokey like games we were playing

I was glad that we started the ride just a little bit later because by the time we made our last lap on the north side, the ground was starting to refreeze and there was little if any mud being kicked up by our fatness. Speaking of fat, Greg was out enjoying his new red Pugsley, Chris was contemplating the future of his current Pugsley, and I was trying to figure out how to clean my dirty Mukluk. And no big Mike, putting my fat bike in my own shower is not an option. That just screams mess! But if felt great to get out and enjoy the cold air. Afraid it might be the last snow ride of the season. Until next time when we meet for a bigger sized MNR!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Panama Enduro

A few of us have signed up, you should too! They have a 15 or 35 mile gravel ride. I've decided to do the 15 mile ride. Should be fun! Race is on St. Patty's day, gives me a good excuse to not get blasted on green beer!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2 Wheels and Tools

As one of the many administrators of the NE Fatbike page, its nice to see new faces and people like comments and sharing their stories and pictures. After posting a picture of yesterday's ride at Tranquility, I came across this like by Jon Rosenboom who is from Iowa. It said owner/peddler of 2 Wheels and Tools. I was wondering if this is a bike shop. Nope. Turns out the guy does construction and handy man work and transports using his bike! I'm not sure if he has a website or not, but here is his Facebook page. Check out the photos! Pretty cool stuff! Way to be ozone friendly and to get the exercise in!

After emailing Jon, he mentioned that his trailer of tools is 150lbs! He averages about 11mph on the hilly sections, about 15 on the flats. Most days he travels between 10-25 miles, sometimes as much as 29 in a day. That freaking rocks! Man, Jon makes me feel guilty for driving myself and my lunch to work everyday in my Honda!

Got out for a little bit of riding yesterday

My bike is dirty and lonely hanging on the garage wall, so I decided to give it some company. Went to Tranquility to get in some snow riding. Temps were sitting pretty close to the high 20s by the time I got my act together and got to the trail.

Such a cool pattern, I was lucky enough to be the first biker to go through after the snowshoers had made their way on the north side. The whole time riding, I was thinking it looked like a dinosaur spine, made up of hundreds if not thousands of vertebrae. 

The snow. Not exactly the best for riding in. It was perfect snowman making weather, which doesn't equate to good biking in the snow weather. The bottom was just slick and required a lot of extra ummpphhh to get through the trail. Someone was kind enough to snowblow a section of trail closest to Kelly Field, and I believe that Paul and then Chris (maybe others?) made it out on snowshoes to help pack down some trail. Thanks guys!

I didn't make it out today, but rumor is that somebody got a new fatbike and they were out at Tranquility today. Can't wait to see it!

For some odd reason I just wanted to ride through fresh snow. So I made a long straight ride through the area next to the fields. My traction was actually better believe it or not. And it was just cool to see the unmarked snow rolling under those tires, pedals scraping the top of the snow, and the crunching sound of the low psi tires. 

And finally, those wheelies. You always see me trying and trying. Well it FINALLY clicked! Cha ching! Ding ding! I found that sweet spot that I can adjust my wheelie by either pedaling or braking, and can even kind of manual for a little bit. More practice to make it perfect, but I think I got it! I've been trying to wheelie for years and years! Hooray!


Because you know, shoveling the driveway at night can be such hard work. Actually biking through the powder in my neighborhood was pretty tough. It was a melty slush at the bottom and i just kept sliding around. Might be time for me to invest in a new rear tire with better traction.

Saw this coupon

My sister pointed out that this coupon includes chairs and furniture. She asked if it was a joke.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


A very cool video of motorcycling through the Himalayas. In hidef if you watch on the vimeo website. Just click the HD below.

Himalaya on a Bullet from Iain Crockart on Vimeo.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Well someone had to do it...

It's coming...a pic is floating around on facebook. Carbon fiber Salsa Beargrease fat bike. Considering how expensive and light the current Beargrease is, I can only imagine.

From Bikerumor, the internet, and facebook.

So I read more into it. Rumored to sit at 24lbs. Crazy light for a fatbike. Salsa is changing the fat biking industry with this one! No more 38lb fatties, the fat just went on a diet!

Bad haircut?

So you thought your kid got a bad haircut? I remember one time while living at Waverly, I had gone out and gotten a haircut. I came back home and my mom said that it looked so bad, that I should go and get my money back. And she was serious. The problem was that the girl who cut my hair was super hot! I didn't really care what my hair looked like, I was happy!
Anyway, North Korea has listed their state approved hairstyles for men and women. You can choose from 18 ladies hairstyles and 10 men's. How crazy is that? They want to keep western influences out. Pictures in the link below

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some great words...

Reading Bike magazine at lunch, I came across the last sentence of the article that really stuck out.

"...face it, if you are reading this, and can ride a bike, your life is pretty damn good already," by Mike Ferrentino.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Piece by piece

Slowly putting together my new stereo system. I got too good of a deal on these speakers. They are basically smaller versions of what I already have (5.25s instead of the 6.5s). Nothing to drive them yet. Any suggestions from you audiophiles out there?

Upcoming yearly THOR meeting

You want to lead a team of trail builders? Want to help design the future face of Swanson? Well get your butt to the upcoming THOR meeting where we are looking for a new trail leader for Swanson Park in Bellevue.

If you don't want to be a trail leader, feel free to come anyway! There will be committee meetings, donuts, and good talk about our trail system and what needs to be done this year.

National Parks Office
February 16, 2013
9am - noon

601 Riverfront Drive, Omaha

Can't we all just get along?

I'm proud to be a member of THOR, where we help to design, build and maintain trails that can be used by a variety of people. Whether on bike, hiking boot, running shoe, snowshoe, cross country ski, doggy paws, anything. You get the picture. Well here's a good article about Fat bikes trying to coexist at ski areas.

Those Krampus Shirts

Here they are...

Another trip to Ponderosa

I'm starting to miss the singletrack. Anyone else feel the same? I hate this time of year. Not cold enough to freeze the trail, but warm enough to make you want to get out there. Two weekends ago another Ponderosa ride was put together. This time the group was smaller, about 8. It was Brian, Paul, Dave N, Dale, Big Mike, myself, Nick, and Elroy. Half the group was kind enough to swing by my house and pick me up on their way out to Prarie View Lake. We basically took Military Road all the way to Bennington Road, then cut over on 180th Street. Once the group was assembled, we made our way out to the destination.

This is how I spent my Friday night before the ride. Out drinking at Loose Moose with old coworkers. Probably part of my reason for cramping around mile 20!

And this is how I spent my morning before the ride. Make a breakfast casserole!

Less wind this time around. Had some freezing rain hit us. Three barking doggies chased us. Burgers were amazing and the lady gave away some free food. My inner legs were cramping near the knee as soon as we were making the last and final climb back up 180th street. We got back to my place and had some beverages. Typical Saturday afternoon ride. Ha! Good ride fellas. Thanks for the company after the ride.

Barking doggy number 1

Number 2
The freezing falling stuff added to the ride

A new purpose to the smoking area!

Real men...

The weird stuff they have a the Ponderosa

Remember Brian and his two burgers at Pizza Gourmet?

One delicious burger!

Ahh...the high life...and some sun!

I tracked this ride with Endomondo. Here are the stats:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bicycle mob

Somehow I came across this website. Called Bicycle Mob. Every day is a different deal. The more people that buy the product, the more the price goes down! And they're not asking for 1000 buyers. More like 30 some buyers. Right now, a pair of Serfas mt biking shoes are are $32.99 with the potential to drop to $23.99. Yesterday was a camelback if I remember right.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Tuesday's Snow!

The snow storm. Or what little of it that we got here in Omaha. Howard shared (on the NE Fat Bikes FB page) a picture of Wilderness Park in Lincoln of the 4-5 inches of fun that he got to bike through with his Moonlander. I was crossing fingers and hoping that we had enough snow to make for a fun ride.

Yeah, not getting through this one.

Or this one (at least not the first time around). I ended up sliding all the way down to the bottom. About 6ft. Then Chris tried to help me up with my bike and he fell and slid also.

Chris, myself, and later Steve D and dog Cody would find ourselves in Tranquility actually biking through snow without a problem. How is this you ask? Well I was driving towards Kelly Field after work thinking wow, they really plowed this drive quite well. Turns out that there was hardly any snow on the ground! Most of the parking lot was pavement. The temps were cold, in the low 20s with some wind and we got to the riding around 7pm. First thing I noticed? This amazing effect the fresh and light snow had while you pedaled through it. There was only about an inch of powder on the ground. Which made it quite easy to get through. But with the wind and the treads on the tire, it would kick up the snow causing this snowplow looking effect of snow going not only around your tire, but also around the front fork and towards your legs. Hard to explain, but I couldn't get over it. I took what pictures I could. Once again, running a camera while biking in the dark on the snow and trying to mimic the scene on camera isn't easy! And oh yeah, I had my handlebar mitts on my bike making it even harder to control the bike while shooting pics!

This is that really cool effect that I was telling you guys about during the Ponderosa ride. The snow was magnificent as it flew off your tire

For that night's ride, we stayed north of Fort Street and rode through the wetlands, neighborhood, and alongside the creek. We did two laps and had a blast. But alas, toes, fingers, and faces were getting numb. It was bone chilling cold out that night. And no matter how hard you pedaled, you weren't going to warm up. Fun times and amazing spectacle of the snow while riding at that place we call Tranquility!