Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Tuesday's Snow!

The snow storm. Or what little of it that we got here in Omaha. Howard shared (on the NE Fat Bikes FB page) a picture of Wilderness Park in Lincoln of the 4-5 inches of fun that he got to bike through with his Moonlander. I was crossing fingers and hoping that we had enough snow to make for a fun ride.

Yeah, not getting through this one.

Or this one (at least not the first time around). I ended up sliding all the way down to the bottom. About 6ft. Then Chris tried to help me up with my bike and he fell and slid also.

Chris, myself, and later Steve D and dog Cody would find ourselves in Tranquility actually biking through snow without a problem. How is this you ask? Well I was driving towards Kelly Field after work thinking wow, they really plowed this drive quite well. Turns out that there was hardly any snow on the ground! Most of the parking lot was pavement. The temps were cold, in the low 20s with some wind and we got to the riding around 7pm. First thing I noticed? This amazing effect the fresh and light snow had while you pedaled through it. There was only about an inch of powder on the ground. Which made it quite easy to get through. But with the wind and the treads on the tire, it would kick up the snow causing this snowplow looking effect of snow going not only around your tire, but also around the front fork and towards your legs. Hard to explain, but I couldn't get over it. I took what pictures I could. Once again, running a camera while biking in the dark on the snow and trying to mimic the scene on camera isn't easy! And oh yeah, I had my handlebar mitts on my bike making it even harder to control the bike while shooting pics!

This is that really cool effect that I was telling you guys about during the Ponderosa ride. The snow was magnificent as it flew off your tire

For that night's ride, we stayed north of Fort Street and rode through the wetlands, neighborhood, and alongside the creek. We did two laps and had a blast. But alas, toes, fingers, and faces were getting numb. It was bone chilling cold out that night. And no matter how hard you pedaled, you weren't going to warm up. Fun times and amazing spectacle of the snow while riding at that place we call Tranquility!

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