Monday, September 28, 2009

Nebraska Supersonic reviewed

There aren't too many movies that are made in Omaha, Nebraska and I can probably name a few at best. Nebraska Supersonic happens to be one of those and this movie will have you laughing from the very beginning. Just like the movie explains, this movie isn't about Husker football or cows. Instead, it portrays the lives of three (four if you count the filmmaker) recent graduates that are trying to find jobs.


The three characters happen to find a niche in the package delivery business, particularly between Omaha and Lincoln. What makes this movie so funny is that they decide to run their business using bicycles instead of the normal means of delivery! These guys aren't racers using fancy road bikes to get the job done either. These are your less than average Joes riding bmx and old banana seat bikes to get the 120 mile job done. And they're not asking for much in return! This movie works well because the idea is crazy and these guys are pulling it off. Sure a few snags happen along the way, but they live and they learn.

"Like a greyhound on crack." This is just a taste of the many one liners that you'll find in this movie. I remember after watching this movie, I drove to work the next morning reciting lines and thinking about scenes in the movie. In all attempts to keep this blog PG13, I won't say my favorite line.

If you have ever ridden a bike or driven by Memorial Park, you need to see this movie.  This movie will most likely bring back memories of that first curb jump where you almost hit your dad's parked Buick! Yes, that yellow Regal with the 8 track player and that funny vinyl smell. It will probably even remind many of that first month after graduation where you sought work and slaved during those random 9 to 5s. Watch Nebraska Supersonic for the laughs, the outlandish biking footage, or to try and recognize the Nebraska landmarks. I got a kick out of this movie and most likely others will too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Manawa Mountain Bike Mayhem owned me

Our first race...what can I say? I didn't finish last. It was the guy in front of me that wiped out on the tree that did. Whew! Congrats to Todd for finishing 4th in the Cat3 open. And as you can see by my phalanges, I finished 10th. The all out sprint at the beginning caught me off guard, because by the time I got to the blue section I was winded! It gave me a good idea on what I need to train (both in the gym and on the bike) in the coming months to prep for next year's races. I also managed to get my big camera out, will post those pictures up later this week.

Ride at your own risk!

Talking about Jewell Park, but not the bike trail. Okay, the trail had me huffing and puffing like crazy, but Cory happened to see this little gem in the park. Get it? Gem at Jewell? That was terrible...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Direct quote from Todd

"In my sleep I'm saying fox shocks, x-7, x-9, full suspension." But Todd, that is cheating on your Trek! I couldn't resist!

After tomorrow's race, then what?

I admit that our first race at Lake Manawa is late in the race season (last race to be exact). So what is there to look forward to after that? We're heading to the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo for one, bmx park and new camera gear will hopefully be a fun photoshoot, and definitely some training in the cold winter months. Finally, I hope to master this one wheeled monstrosity. I practiced for about two weeks before I was back on the Trek. Ten feet doesn't sound like much, but when you are missing a wheel and handlebars, it is quite a feat! I admit, I get excited once I get going then I freak out and fall off. Patty, these pics are for you because I know that you've been dying to see these! Btw, this was the first time on the thing hence the grass.

Interbike virtual trade show

Todd pointed out some delicious new bikes at this weeks Las Vegas Interbike show. Pictures and videos at mtbr. If you are dreaming about that new Felt, Ellsworth, or Santa Cruz, check it out. Other bike brands and products also featured.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Riding on new 26s...

Guess it's not the same as riding on 30s like this H2 Hummer was! Anyway, tires are tires. Or are they? I spent about 6 hours on Sunday installing my Continental Race Kings UST and about half an hour tonight throwing on the Continental Double Fighters. Wow, what a difference on both sets. Took the Race King equipped Trek to Swanson and no more slipping and sliding. Who knew that those OEMs were such a piece of junk!

Tonight I took the Gary Fisher out and did a quick spin around Standing Bear to get a feel for the "commuter" tires. Wow, what a smooth and fast ride. Reminds me of the old days on my Raleigh 10 speed and tearing through the neighborhood. If anyone needs help installing UST or tubeless tires, just let me know. This was my second experience using Stan's Tire Sealant.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My worst enemy revisited!

During a recent ride at Tranquility, we made a pitstop to visit an old friend. It brought back fond memories of the time that we spent together. Also of the lasting pain of having to be apart. I hate you tree! If you click and enlarge you can see where the bark is missing. Yup, I left my mark like a puppy on a fire hydrant. Even found my reflector in the grass!

What a weekend!

Hung out with coworkers both past and present on Friday and Saturday night. Crazy times, especially Saturday night at Waterfall. Lucky me to be surrounded by so many hot ladies! We also fit in some afternoon biking at both Manawa and Swanson. Thanks to Dave for joining us and showing us last year's course at Manawa.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brake pads touching rotor

Of course changing out tires will never go smoothly. My brake pads on my mechanical disc brakes are practically squeezing the rotor after I put my wheel back in. Found a great tutorial here to help solve this.

Sure your bike rack can hold 4 bikes...

But can it do this??? Okay, so maybe the subs helped too. Cranked up the 16 Bit Lolitas - Sedna and next thing I know, I had two fine ladies dancing on my trunk. Wow, I'm speechless!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

No more slippy slidey

I hope. Got my new tires in, just so happened that both sets are Contis. Mtbr had great reviews, so I bought them. Double Fighters for the Gary Fisher. A little smoother for the paved trails yet tough enough for the tacoride. Treads for the Trek Fuel are Race King 2.2s UST. Hopefully no more sliding out in the turns. Goodbye crappy Jones XRs! Ready by next weekend's race???

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got my hands on a copy of Nebraska SupersonicIt looks hilarious and I can't wait to watch it! Review coming soon...

My new toys are in

Finally after a year and a half of owning my Canon 40D, I broke down and bought a vertical battery grip and a Speedlight flash. Not necessarily going to help my photography skills, but I can sure hope. Now I just need someone to give me a crash course in wedding photography for October 24!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo

This sounds like a great time. Two and a half day festival consisting of biking, camping, raffles, beer brewing competition, and riding demos in Potter's Pasture out in Brady, Nebraska. Geared towards the 29er, 650b, and 36incher crowd. Check in is Friday evening, October 9. Group rides, breakfast, and music October 10 and 11. Check out the Ballyhoo site here. Also check out the Potter's Pasture blog here for more info. I'm trying to get out of surgery Friday the 9th. Hope to see some of you there!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Like two peas in a pod

Maybe we should have gone into marketing. Our ads just might sell a bike or two. I admit, after the adventure race I was still having dreams of finding checkpoints in the dark. Oh yeah, that and cats attacking me. But for some reason, Todd just couldn't let go of his bike! Cory, I'm saving you from humiliation and not posting the photo of you and Todd's bike. Ahh hell, I will anyway!

A Night to Remember - Bootlegger Night Adventure Race

Sounds like your senior prom theme doesn't it? Let me tell you, I was probably just as nervous pre-race! Six of us recently completed the Bootlegger Night Adventure Race in Kearney and had a blast. Running, biking, some water events, and team challenges filled up the four and a half hour duration of the race. My favorite events? Probably completing a lap on the bmx track and where Patty drove the golf cart blindfolded while we navigated. Tom Tom and Garmin have nothing on us!

Congrats to our two teams for finishing. We decided to have the satisfaction of finding every checkpoint. We believe some other teams skipped unlucky #13 in the woods and took the half hour penalty instead. Race finished well after midnight and some celebratory beers were cracked open.

We were too tired to make it to Branched Oak for the bike race on Sunday. Oh well, Lake Manawa here we come!

12. KWK 4:21:24
13. DJHOWI 4:21:29

Messing around at the bmx park

Why can't we be so lucky as to have one of these? We stumbled across this bmx park during our Bootlegger adventure race in Kearney Saturday night. While doing my single lap to reach the checkpoint, I knew that we would have to break out the Treks in the morning. We made some sweet jumps while Patty took some great pictures!

* update, we do have one of these! Found out online and made aware by a fellow biker. We'll have to check it out.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Branched Oak race postponed

 Branched Oak Capital City Classic MTB race has been postponed till Sunday due to the rain. Check out the psycowpath website for start times. In the meantime, tomorrow night's adventure race in Kearney will be keeping us busy. Good luck whatever our team is called! Also, GO BIG RED!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free like the air we breathe!

In a world where nothing is free you go. Free issue of The Ride Journal, issue 1 in pdf format. Interesting story titled Meeting Gary, about how Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher first met and started the mountain bike revolution. Yeah, you can thank me later.

Total Kaos!

This is a 36incher! 29ers eat your heart out. This is insane. Custom built titanium Zelda from Kaos custom bikes. Photo from their website and more details here.

*update - was looking up photos from 2007 Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, pics of 36ers and 650bs. Why have I never heard of these before? I guess I can't hang with the big boys!