Monday, September 28, 2009

Nebraska Supersonic reviewed

There aren't too many movies that are made in Omaha, Nebraska and I can probably name a few at best. Nebraska Supersonic happens to be one of those and this movie will have you laughing from the very beginning. Just like the movie explains, this movie isn't about Husker football or cows. Instead, it portrays the lives of three (four if you count the filmmaker) recent graduates that are trying to find jobs.


The three characters happen to find a niche in the package delivery business, particularly between Omaha and Lincoln. What makes this movie so funny is that they decide to run their business using bicycles instead of the normal means of delivery! These guys aren't racers using fancy road bikes to get the job done either. These are your less than average Joes riding bmx and old banana seat bikes to get the 120 mile job done. And they're not asking for much in return! This movie works well because the idea is crazy and these guys are pulling it off. Sure a few snags happen along the way, but they live and they learn.

"Like a greyhound on crack." This is just a taste of the many one liners that you'll find in this movie. I remember after watching this movie, I drove to work the next morning reciting lines and thinking about scenes in the movie. In all attempts to keep this blog PG13, I won't say my favorite line.

If you have ever ridden a bike or driven by Memorial Park, you need to see this movie.  This movie will most likely bring back memories of that first curb jump where you almost hit your dad's parked Buick! Yes, that yellow Regal with the 8 track player and that funny vinyl smell. It will probably even remind many of that first month after graduation where you sought work and slaved during those random 9 to 5s. Watch Nebraska Supersonic for the laughs, the outlandish biking footage, or to try and recognize the Nebraska landmarks. I got a kick out of this movie and most likely others will too.

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