Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm sick of you Facebook!

Stupid. I know everyone is just trying to make a buck. Yes, a buck. And that is what FB keeps asking of me to send an email to someone. I'm not "connected to them" so it'll cost me a dollar to send my message to their inbox? Otherwise it will filter to their junk mail. Seriously? Drives me nuts!

You aren't connected to **** on Facebook, so your message would normally get filtered to his Other folder. You can:
Send this message to his Inbox for $1.00 USD

Just send this message to his Other folder—What is this?

Monday, April 22, 2013 thanks!

I've seen this video before. Just forgot how F-ing scary it looks!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fun Fatbiking race

If the tranquility race miraculously happens with todays rain/snow (this is ridiculous), I'm almost tempted to bring a beer and drink it DURING the race. Of course I'll stop and get out of the way, but i want to show the fun, laid back spirit of being on a fatbike. Dare?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coming Attractions on Two Wheels

Coming to a trail or pavement near you!

The Wear Yellow Ride - Between this ride and the Rollin to Colon, I've actually lost count of how many I've done. They're a ton of fun, you get to enjoy the weather and riding, and there is always a bomb diggity raffle involved. Oh yeah, Pancake man will be there too! Lots of different distances to choose from and it doesn't matter what kind of bike you ride. Here are the details.

10th Annual Wear Yellow Ride: A Ride for a Ride!
Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 7:00am
10, 22, 38, 51 and 62 mile options available
A Ride for Ride
 "The theme for this year's 10th Annual Ride reflects the support that each cyclist will give to our Wear Yellow Cab Ride Program. The fee for each rider on the Wear Yellow Ride will support one cab ride for a cancer patient who may not have adequate transportation to get to their treatments."


Bike For Sight Ride - Being in the eye care field, this ride means alot to me. I wish the docs at work did something as cool as this, but hey, thats where I try to step outside of my box and do these events in my own spare time. I did it last year and the route is a fun and safe route. Seriously, no where else will you be able to provide a life changing eye surgery for $20!!!


For every Registered rider UNMC’s International Division of Ophthalmology will perform (1) FREE Cataract Surgery on a patient living needlessly blind in ethiopia

"100% of Your $20 Registration Fee is used to provide sight-restoring surgeries = Every Rider Gives The Gift of Sight."


And finally...The Tranquility Tire Tantrum XC is this weekend. Yes, if it seems early, that's because it is! It was pushed up this year to help beat the sweltering heat and to accommodate schedules! Besides the rain that we've been getting, the trail is ready to be raced on! Trees are cut and the trail is nice! And yes, super secret fat tire race will be going on. Do it!
Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday night..

Trailday! Too muddy to ride, let's get some stuff done! Trees we're cut and this huge log crossing, or berm as Greg called it was born.

It's suppose to rain/snow tomorrow, such strange weather for April. Mother nature is anti-biking this year!

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Thoughts and prayers

Wow, thoughts and prayers going every which way to the runners and families in Boston. Lil Emmie, glad you're okay and congrats on finishing!

Also RIP to Chi Cheng of my favorite band, the Deftones. Your talent will be missed by myself and by fans all over the world.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

That's about right!

The ladies at work are always looking out for me.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bicycle Insurance?

Have you guys heard about this? In our office, we get a women's health magazine that is written locally. Anyway, there was an article about bicycling which detailed different types of bikes including the materials with which bikes are made of. Towards the end of the article, it discussed bicycle insurance. Like a comprehensive and liability plan that would cover if you were to get hit by a motorist, etc. It also said that it includes bicycle theft or loss. This was all new to me.

Hmm...just do a search and you'll find that there is a lot of discussion about this. I may be wrong here, but looks like bicycle theft is covered under your homeowners insurance, but you still have to pay your deductible (not sure if it has to be stolen FROM your home). As for what happens if you're out riding and a motorist hits you and sends you to the hospital? Sounds like there are plans that can help you out with this, just as if you were driving in your car and get into an accident. Now what about them TREES???

Monday, April 8, 2013

Trailday tonight

tonight's Monday night ride is also a trail day. the sod cutter will be out, trash will be picked up, and branches will be trimmed. beverages and food will be provided by Dale afterward. I unfortunately cannot make it but thanks to those who can!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Can I report mt biking, photography, audio equipment, and RC buggies on my tax form as "Hobby and expenses"? That stuff has sure cost me a lot of money over the years!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Viel Gluck!

That's German for good luck! Good luck to all the racers this weekend!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So clearly I need some way to transport my bike, fishing and camping gear!

I got one of my dad's old rod and reels, tacklebox, net, etc last time I went to MI. I cleaned it up, bought a new rod for it and threw on some new line. The Shimano is good to go!

And now I just need this to complete my adventure ready summer! Test drove this last Friday up in Fremont. Asking way too much for used. Oh well, as hard as the color is to find, there are others. But this is the color I want. What do you guys think? Called Orange Crush.  Silver/black/white and red are just too common for me. I need to STAND out like a sore thumb if I'm going to be driving a Jeep!

Who Me?

Or the bike?

Much warmer tonight on the trail compared to Monday's chilly ride.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Charles Bronson

Man that guy was a tough guy. I remember when he use to be my dad's favorite actor back in the day. Was it his toughness? His skills at acting or firing that fake weapon? Anyway, Santa Cruz has a new kid on the block and its called the Bronson. It's a 650b. Is this the new go to since everyone has a 29er (except me?). Start around $3300 for an aluminum version. Want the super light fast floats in the air like helium edition? According to MTBR, there is a

"And then there’s the hallowed XX1 version with Enve carbon wheels:
 carbon, xx1, enve wheels and the CTD fork: $10,419"

Who needs a car anyway when you can be riding a $10,500 650b?

How I spent my Easter

I made breakfast burritos. Played some video games. Cleaned. Then I went fishing. And that's about it! And it was great! Hope everyone had a good Easter with friends and family!

So this is Standing Bear Lake by the picnic area. The grass is where you should be sitting at. Then there is a 2.5 feet drop off. Then you are standing in where the water SHOULD be. Yeah, water levels are that low!

I couldn't even get the fish to steal my bait. Either it was too cold, too shallow, or who knows what. Fish are so picky sometimes!

Dirt in your mouth type of ride...

Tonight's MNR gave us dirt in our mouths. Not only from the dust causing me to find sand or dirt in my mouth throughout the ride, but also from new fellow fatbiker (not going to name names) going over the bars on the way to the kiosk. Yeah, before the ride really even started. OUCH! But he continued a real mt biker would. First MNR of 2013 heck yeah!

Temps dropped quickly, not that it was warm to start with. I left work and it was 37, but sunny. How do you dress for a ride like this? I could feel the winds blowing in my driveway as I loaded the bike. Dress too much or not enough? I get to Tranqility and its almost bone dry in sections. Riders were in shorts, short sleeves, and here I am in two layers of thermals, wool socks and my slightly wind breaking coat. Granted I was pretty sick last week and I even questioned my non medical degree training if I should even be out in the first place. Hell, first MNR. How can I miss that?

Brian's new form of riding. Either that or he was pushing off the ground really really hard like a skateboard!

And we rode...rode the entire Tranquility trail and it was spectacular! Miss the Ridgeline, speaking of... Thanks to all the hard work that has already been put into the the trail. Addiction made to the Ridgeline, I almost made it up, but as I saw the front wheel skip and hop back and forth from side to side, I decided to put my foot down. The actual ridgeline has been improved with it being a little smoother sailing on top. New runoffs are in. A small section has been bypassed to help with the erosion on the climb to the humps. I think some trees were trimmed last weekend. Thanks to all who have helped.

I'm glad that there is a skateboard grind rail in place. It is now much much safer to ride this contraption!

Oh yeah. Miss actually getting to pedal up to speed on the trail. Don't get me wrong, the snow riding has been fun. But not having snowmobile groomed trails in this area makes it really hard to really cover much distance. I can be out all afternoon at Tranquility riding in six inches of slowly packing snow, only to get home and realize I rode a total of 3-5 miles. Yeah that's it! But hey, being on a bike is being on a bike. Whether its on a trainer, on pavement, snow, dirt, you name it. There's a reason why we enjoy doing what we do. Until next Monday, keep on riding!