Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Charles Bronson

Man that guy was a tough guy. I remember when he use to be my dad's favorite actor back in the day. Was it his toughness? His skills at acting or firing that fake weapon? Anyway, Santa Cruz has a new kid on the block and its called the Bronson. It's a 650b. Is this the new go to since everyone has a 29er (except me?). Start around $3300 for an aluminum version. Want the super light fast floats in the air like helium edition? According to MTBR, there is a

"And then there’s the hallowed XX1 version with Enve carbon wheels:
 carbon, xx1, enve wheels and the CTD fork: $10,419"

Who needs a car anyway when you can be riding a $10,500 650b?


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