Friday, November 30, 2012

My new truck

Yeah, its not what you think. This is scaled down...1/10 scale actually. Its a Traxxas Slash VXL 4X4, got it a couple of weeks ago. Way back when I was a wee little one, my dad and I built this huge monster truck called the Kyosho Big Boss truck. Still have it actually. Well for whatever reason, I've been wanting to get back into it ever since helping Greg move a couple of years ago and seeing his big boy toys. Then talking to Paul and how he still has some of his vehicles. Oh boy...the internet is a dangerous place to do your research!

These trucks have come a long way since I last drove one. Brushless electric motors, 45-60+ mph out of the box, ready to run, LiPo batteries that have to be charged and kept at certain voltages. There was a lot to learn.

Yeah, thats my truck in the way back left corner

Jump this fast enough and you'll clear the two jumps after!

Well I decided to stick with electric for now. If I really get back into this, then I'll look into nitro in the future. Crazy as it sounds, I'm already "thinking" about doing a 1/8 scale buggy. HobbyTown down in Cherry Hills has a huge indoor track and boy is it fun to run them there. I'm still trying to get the hang of jumping and landing, which means lots of front and back flips, cartwheels, and being stranded upside down. This in turn leads to running onto the track to right my truck. If people there are nice enough, they'll run out and do it for you. Gotta remember to return the favor though.

Its nice, they give you electrical outlets all over the place to charge your batteries. 

The truck is a lot faster than the old monster truck that I have. The two can't be compared actually. Better batteries, radios, speed controls, brushless technology, and 4wd to boot make this one fun truck!

Somehow my sister has the jumping part down. I just flip and somersault the truck like crazy.

These shots crack me up with the real cars in the background and my dad watching us abuse this poor truck! Air time! 

MVI 3565 from Misterlime on Vimeo.
Yes, my sister is just that bad of a driver!

MVI 3591 from Misterlime on Vimeo.

She actually cleared the jump many times, with a pretty good jumping distance. Sometimes 10 ft or more I would say.

Two of my favorite things

Robots and turntables. Sister for whatever reason decided to paint me a picture. Was pretty surprised to see what it was when she brought it into the house.

Tree is finally DONE!

Holy F! this whole Christmas thing is going to break my bank. And I'm not even talking presents or anything! We're talking 5 packages of outdoor lights, a 9 ft tree, freaking flaming lights, a wreath plus hanger, and ornaments (one of which I already broke). Add to that extension cords, digital timers because I'm too lazy to flip the switch, and the time and gas it took me to find all this mumbo jumbo stuff. At least I'll be set for next year...or will I up the ante???

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fat bikers unite!

Dec 1st Global Fat Bike Ride! Right now, riding Manawa at 2pm is in the works. Look up Nebraska Fat bikes on Facebook for more up to date info.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fixed bike from...

I saw this bike in the Target black Friday ad. Do regular folk shopping at Target even know what fixed gear means? Well I guess they'll soon find out!

Store Price

SAVE $30. REG. 119.99.

Getting ready for the holidays

Instead of heading to my parents' place like I was suppose to last weekend, I spent it getting a ton of stuff done. Well mostly holiday stuff, because man, weather like this the week before Thanksgiving doesn't happen often! We're still biking in shorts and short sleeves! Anyway, I think I'm due for a truck or SUV of some sort in the near future.

I told the guys just to cram it in the car. And that they did!

If you know anybody in the market for a ladder, tell them to get a multiuse ladder. Best ladder ever!

Yeah, I'm not afraid of heights, but it sucked being up on top of the second story roof top. Of course, the wind picked up for the 15 minutes or so that I was up there!

Tada! These LEDs are so bright, I was half expecting my neighbors to come out complaining.

Words with friends

You guys with the app on your phones know the game, its like hangman but you can play friends or random people around the world. Well I guess there are some words that they just won't allow.

fat bike ride blog post but not mine is where that really awesome fat biking photo came from. You know which one. Haha

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An abnormal TNR

What can I say? Last night's ride was good and sweet. Work has been super stressful this week, even with Monday off I had four hours of overtime. Yeah, you do the math. I worked today from 5:45am and left work at 10pm tonight. How crazy is that? Most of the nurses did a split shift, while a few of us lucky ones worked the full 15-16 hrs. Yikes!

Chris, Christian, Jorge, and myself representing the fat of the land!

And with that, comes the chart prep for all those surgeries. Stayed till 8:30pm on Wednesday night working on those. But enough about work. This is a biking blog, not some b*tch to others about work blog! Biking, its where its at. Some people go to the gym to get the stress out. Yup, I do that. But I've found that riding in the woods with your friends works even better. Even if you've ridden the trail near 100 times in the past. And its dark and you're going slow. Its all good. Something about the rides just makes you think about the good stuff in life.

And yes, I forgot my shoes again. Ended upriding in Sanuks which is nearly like a covered flip flop. Not only that, but forgot my camera and somehow ended up wearing the ex girlfriends tights. Yeah, I was made fun of by the guys. I deserved it! Good ride anyway. We had four fat and about three or four "skinny". Soon to add to that count will be another fat, maybe.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where has your fat been?

Cool, someone is logging places/trails where fatties have been ridden. Thanks to Roxy for the find on the THOR facebook page. Go fat and never go back!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fat bike

Somebody (ktronik) from the MTBR fat bike forums made this video. Pretty funny stuff. Just like a movie...felt like I was watching a preview at the movie theaters!

Extreme Fat from Ktronik on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 8, 2012's on!

More info regarding Cranksgiving. Sounds like they also need volunteers. Food and money donations will also be accepted, whether you bike or not.
Cranksgiving is a bicycle scavenger hunt. Riders will use their own money to purchase food items. The food will be donated to the food bank. 
Cranksgiving will be held on November 17, 2012 at Bike Masters 5265 N 129th St., Omaha, NE. Registration begins at 11:00am, the ride starts at 12:00pm. There will be food, fun, and prizes. Please join us as we support the food bank. Questions, send email to

Best Foods

Yes, that time of year where your coworkers bring in cookie this, cookie that. Chocolate, nuts, cupcakes, all that good stuff that you know you shouldn't be eating. And lets face it, with the time change it is near impossible to get on the bike if you work the regular 8-6pm shift (what happened to 9-5?). Anyway, here is a list of foods to get your diet on track (I admit, most of this stuff is super healthy and I would never even try it). And yes, they even list some beers in this list. Categories are along the top.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Those crazy costumes...

Halloween 2012 has come and past. It's actually my favorite time of year because there is so much going on around that time. Husker games, parties, biking events. And best of all you can dress up for all of them! I didn't buy any candy for the kiddos in the neighborhood this year, so I hunkered down in my basement and shut off the upstairs lights! Half expecting to find my house egged in the morning, I awoke to find nothing on my vinyl siding. Whew, I blew a sigh of relief!

Guess who that is in the witch outfit? Yup, Andy! Wish I had his face in the shot. It was green!

Lock em tight boys and gals!

The starting place...Crescent Moon. Off to a long night of fun!

Kent rounding up the goddesses at Sullivan's

Two totally cool ladies just came up and talked to Cody and I. The biking community is so awesome around here! Awesome and hot might I add!

The Old Dundee bar, with Cody, Molly, and Lindsay

I made use of two costumes this year, one for the THOR fundraising pub crawl and another for a Halloween party that a coworker invited me to. The pub crawl costume consisted of me wearing my Chinese takeout costume, with a fro, and some sunglasses. This was actually a decent costume to wear on the crawl, because it allowed me to see and and withstood the rain that pelted us as we left for the last bar on the trip.

Off to the Homey!

Jodi on the left, Heather on the right. Jodi was hand rolling "things" for Cody since he somehow became Bob Marley that night.

Krista getting her hair picked at

FYI, those aren't hot dogs in there. But Emilie was determined to win one.

The sushi roll and the Chinese takeout. We make the full Asian cuisine right there!

This was actually my first ever pub crawl believe it or not (not counting party buses). I had never done the bar stool open (pub crawl with miniature golf for a fundraiser) or anything organized like this before. I would have to say that it was pretty fun! Definitely don't plan to drive afterwards. maybe. We started at Crescent Moon, went up the street to Sullivan's, on to Old Dundee Bar, Homey Inn, and finally the Sydney out in Benson. There was a poker run, costume contest, raffles (including a freakin bike!), and good times. Fun fun fun! Craziest time of the night was seeing Cody endo in front of me on the way to the Sydney in the rain. Darkness, rain, huge puddles, and curbs were at fault. And Cody NEVER falls, so this was surprising to me. It was one of those slow motion, "Oh sh*t..." types of scenes.

Finally made it to Sydney, where the costume contest and raffles took place.

The Filter Kings took the stage. Good stuff. I've heard a song or two from these guys many many years ago.

The sock monkey costume on the other hand, did not allow me to see a single thing. Try looking through the nostrils of a monkey head and you'll immediately know what I mean! I could barely even see walking up the stairs to the party! Then mix alcohol into the equation and then the costume only got worse! And inside the monkey head was two layers! So hot in there! But it was a crazy good time and people loved the costume. I mean, how can you not love it? Ended up at Loose Moose towards the end of the night (I think it was the Lemonheads playing) where some girl just yanked the monkeyhead off of my head and ran off with it. Luckily I had backup and they stopped her from making an exit. Who does that? Buy your own d*mn costume next time b*tch! Haha.

All sorts of Shenanigans going on there

Have you ever seen a sock monkey playing Buck Hunter? Well have.

The sock monkey likes to get up in your face!

Am I dancing or what the heck?