Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NRSCCA Solo #1

I had the chance this past weekend to watch Chris Price race out at AirPark in Lincoln. Pretty fun time. Shot a ton of pictures. Saw some pretty fast cars going through the course. Sitting on the concrete and then having Sunday Funday in Lincoln really wiped me out. Ended up at Watering Hole for wings afterwards with Joel and then we stopped by the Boiler Room. Coconut porter and Raspberry Berliner Weiss. Good stuff! Sure beat the Busch Light that we started off with!

Link to my photos:
Nebraska Region Sports Car Club of America Solo #1

Monday, April 25, 2016

Midwest Trials Association photos

Two weekends ago I ventured down to Weeping Water, NE and took pictures of some motorcycle trials riding.  Wow was it cool. Made me wonder how to get into the sport, something I would like to consider. But then again at the road race yesterday I was wondering how I get into go kart racing.  Lol.

Anyway, here are the pics.  Super cool. 

Psycowpath Swanson shoot out 2016

My pictures are up from the Swanson Shoot Out in Bellevue, NE. Check them out and let me know what you think! Good work to all of the mountain bike racers that day!

Swanson shoot out pictures

Lots of upcoming bike events!

Most importantly is the Wear Yellow Ride. May 14, 2016. The ride takes place out in Ashland. Their mission is to help cancer survivors in various ways. Check it out. I've done many of their rides and even volunteered one year, they are alot of fun!


The brew tour is also that same day,  as are two photography events that I was interested in. Omaha brew tour is $30 and includes a drink ticket at various bars and pubs around town. See the list at 

The All lit up night time bike ride in Council Bluffs is happening June 25.


A fresh look on life

A lot has changed over the last couple of months. Some bad, some good. Elise and I are no longer together. Its been a couple of months now and its sometimes still hard. But out of that came some new endeavors in life. 

Weather permitting, I've been biking singletrack three times per week on top of lifting (and running) three times per week at the gym. Yes I said running. Whoa! 

I've grown to love photography again. Not that I fell out of liking to shoot pictures. But I've been going to events that I normally wouldn't go to and loving every second of them. Motorcycle races, car races, and started shooting psycowpath races again. I've met a ton of great new people who appreciate what I do.

And with that I started a new website/photography business! I actually made my first sale tonight! Pretty cool when you get that email saying that so and so purchased some of your photos! Woohoo! And I already have a paid photoshoot lined up in May. How great is that? Have to pay for my new macro lens somehow, right?

Church. I've started going again on a regular basis. I went with Elise but not as much as i should have. What's cool is if I missed the sermon because of a photography shoot, I can actually hop online and listen to it anytime i want! Technology is great! 

That's it for now. But life is good right now. And I'm happy to be enjoying all of the photography I've been doing. Here's my website. It's live and hope you get a chance to stop and take a look at my photography!