Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rollin' to Colon 2011

I had such a good time last year (link to my 2010 post here) that I decided to do the Rollin' to Colon again this year. It took place on Sunday, June 19. Once again, I decided to do the 20 mile ride which actually seemed alot easier this year! Maybe that 50 miler Tour de Cure ride I did last month trained my legs a little bit? There was a lot of playing and dancing down at the CWS the previous two nights, so 20 miles seemed just about right. Temps were perfect and the rain stayed away.

I wasn't the only one with the Go Pro camera out that day. Except I had the chest harness on.

This year's route was the same as last year's. Start in Valley, NE. at the high school parking lot, then make your way out on highway 64 until you reach the highway 77 intersection. Stop, rest, get some snacks, turn around! The 53 mile group actually rode out to Colon, NE., hence the name Rollin' to Colon. There was also a 10 mile ride and a kids ride. Good times!

The reason for me doing this ride along with the Wear Yellow Ride last month (my blog post here)? A coworker was diagnosed this year with stage 4 colon cancer. Pretty sad. She was uber healthy, worked out, ate healthy, into the health foods, everything. Went in for her second colonoscopy at age 58 and they found the terrible news. It had also metastisized to her liver. It started as her having some problems with breathing, so she went into her doctors and the rest is history. I figured since I'm not racing the Psychopath series this year that I would put my efforts to good causes such as Wear Yellow Nebraska, Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force, and the Tour de Cure for Diabetes.

This year's ride seemed easier for some reason 

A welcome sight to see.

At the finish line, Crimson Dawn was playing live music. Mostly older covers which were really good! Subway was provided with chips and beverages. Eileen's cookies as fellow biker Brian pointed out were also present. Brian once again did the 53 miler, this time on his new roadbike. Not only will I bump into him on the singletrack, but also very likely at next year's Rollin' to Colon! See you guys next year!

We met up with the first of the 53 mile riders at the stop. I think I would be faster on a Pinarello Dogma bike! Maybe...

I eventually got passed by the 53 mile leaders. My 13 year old mt bike turned cross bike couldn't keep up!

Whew! Made it. 

Crimson Dawn was playing the jams

CWS night 3, 6/19/11

Playing catch up here on my posts. Okay, it finally took three nights of being down there to actually hit the different tents in the TD Ameritrade ballpark area. Slowdown has a tent with live music, Old Mattress Factory has a really sweet setup, and Union has one set up also. The most fun one? Probably the one at Old Mattress Factory. It is also the busiest. There are food vendors lined up on the side, beer carts galore, and a few major bar areas to get your drink on. They have the biggest music stage setup (besides the permanent one inside of the actual Slowdown bar).

Jena and I hit up CWS night 3. I did Rollin to Colon that morning and went home to nap. True, CWS is only in town for two weeks out of the year and it is one heck of a good time! How can I say no to going? Lemon Fresh Day was planning to take the stage that night. Some girl got hit crossing the street, blah blah blah. There are are lot of drunk people crossing streets and who knows about the people driving the cars. Be careful out there folks!

Sarah and others from Greenstreet helping out with the bike parking

One of the coolest things about the CWS this year? Omahabikes is hosting free bike parking in front of Greenstreet. As many of you know, Greenstreet closed it's doors during the CWS and rented out their store to a sports souvenir store. Well right outside, they have a few parking spaces blocked off where you can park your bike for free! Gotta love the idea and definitely helps to give Omaha that greener image! Awesome ideas guys!

Check out this Coors Light bar at Old Mattress Factory parking lot. It is actually a traveling trailer with sides that flip up, complete with bar and tvs already setup and wired inside. Pretty cool. 

As you'll see in the video below, there was a small drum band that came through. They were really good and stealing the show before LFD was ready to play. But check out the guy dancing at 2:44. Yes, he needs to take dancing lessons. I wish he would have danced longer, could have been one of those crazy dancer type videos on youtube where they get 1million hits!

CWS 2011 - drummers and drunken dancing fool from Misterlime on Vimeo.

 For $2, you can use the crane arm to try and catch a lobster. If you succeed, they'll grill it up for you. This machine was conveniently placed behind the long line waiting for the ATM. Brilliant!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The trucker hat...

The trucker hat I wore to trailday was a mistake. I have mosquito bites all over the back of my head and ears. I wore a long sleeve and jeans yesterday to protect from the bites. I also sprayed bug spray on my neck and forehead. I figured that it would be hot so I wore a hat with a mesh backing. Yeah, mosquitoes will do ANYTHING for a bite. Come on...seriously?

Good ride on Thursday

It was a call from Cody that got me out on the trail on Thursday. I wasn't planning to do the Tacoride because nobody had discussed it during the week. TNR group was out, but there were only a few of them. I think the trail was questionable due to the rains, but it seemed to be in pretty good shape. I had lifted legs the night before, so they were pretty much shot by the time I got out and onto the trail. Still had a good ride. There was a tree down and a really low hanging branch, but as you can see by the Trailday post, those have now been taken care of. Thanks THOR!

The aftermath of the dirt haulers

 Tree down

 Cody clearing the big log. As you can tell, I opted for the smaller one

Tranquility trailday 6/26/11

Gonna skip out of order because I need to do a writeup of Rollin to Colon and CWS nights 3 and 4 but it is getting late. Partied hard last night at CWS, head was still thumping this morning, but time do get dirty and do some trailwork in prep for the Tranquility race. Good sized crowd made it out on this cloudy/rainy day to help out. Lots of the regular MNR riders were out, including Frank, Steve, Martin, Dan, and others. About 15 bodies and two dogs made it out to help. Loppers, two chainsaws, 4-5 weed eaters, Tigger, walk behind wheeled string trimmers, trash picker uppers, and drain installers were out in full force! Dale was out mowing earlier in the day with Tigger. Then him and I grabbed some weed eaters and we started from the kiosk, and went over and around the new North side trimming the taller grass that was sticking out and hitting your legs. Mike F and Steve were installing some drainage materials underneath the Fort Street bridge, trying to get the water flowing again there. Then I stopped and helped Eric and Martin who were tearing it up with the chainsaws. They removed the two trees that were blocking the trail. I finally caught up with Dale and we made our way back to the parking lot. Paul and Cali were out picking up trash along the trail and just making their way back. Paul had his mini charcoal grill with him. Fire it up! Brats and beverages were served. Thanks to all those that help make Tranquility what it is. Also thanks to those that brought the beverages and to Chris for the food.
 It was a good turnout for a Sunday trailday

As of today, the trail was still pretty greasy in areas. I tried to climb up that one section on the north side to where the tree was cut to get a picture. Couldn't make it. I just slid in the mud while I had a running weed wacker in my hand. Almost landed face first across the bar on the weed wacker. Decided it wasn't worth getting the pic. Gotta know when to give up! Anyway, my point is that the trail is still wet. Especially with the rain that we got tonight. Please don't ride wet trails. It just makes that much more work for THOR.
You know you love to ride and help maintain trails when you see this! 

The dogs were out to help supervise 

Mike F and Steve working on the drainage under the Fort Street bridge

 Eric and Martin cutting the second tree

Leaving after a job well done...

 Chef Paul was out to fill the stomachs of the workers

 Good eats and treats afterwards. Luckily the heavy rain stayed away all afternoon

CWS night number 2!

Stretch limo, good eats at Goodnights, and dancing at Capitol. Probably a good thing that CWS is only in town 2wks out of the year, because both my body and wallet can't handle all of this fun!
Why take the free shuttle (which was a nice feature this year) 

 When you can take the stretch limo!!!

I hate the fake fog and blast of cold air/ice from the ceiling!!! Yes, little chunks of ice hit you in the eye and face!

 Can you say dancers on the walls and even from a swing next to the bar?

Lack of updates CWS night 1

Sorry about the lack of updates folks! Been busy and sick. I also seem to be taking more photos than I know what to do with!

College World Series is in town and it's killing my sleep. Opening weekend, we were out three nights in a row. Add into that the Rollin to Colon and you can guess why my body hates me. I've been feeling really run down and tired lately. Anyway, on to the festivities! CWS night round 1, Friday June 17
Buddy John in the middle was back in town. Good times and stories!

CWS 2011. Crazy times, good friends, lots of drinking. My good friend John whom I went to junior high, high school, and Creighton with was back in town for Father's Day. He managed to slip away from the family for one night and party it up with us. Last Friday, we hit up Parliament midtown, Roja, Havana Garage, and Stiles. Good times. Roja had $1 Coronas. By 7pm, it was rumored that they had gone through 1200 Coronas! By 10pm, 2400??? Is that even possible? Between the 15 of us or so in our group, we had ourselves gone through 3 to 4 bottles each. And the place was packed inside and out. So 2400 sounds feasible!
$1 Coronas at Roja was music to my ears! 

Those Benji's can buy a lot of Coronas! 

The next night, it was Jenny's birthday. They rented a limo. Not just any limo, but a stretch expedition limo that held 24. Wowsers, that thing was huge. So big that you couldn't even see who was on the other end of the chairs. Yeah. Too bad that my boy Jeremy forgot his ID. Went to the new danceclub next to DJ's Dugout downtown. Pretty cool place to break it down. The DJ sucks though, playing throwback hip hop jams like MC Hammer. Seriously?
Even with the hawk up, I still don't compare to John's height! 

Live jazz band at Havana Garage.  

My friend Julie getting a picture with Suh (in red)