Friday, April 30, 2010

Good luck tomorrow

Good luck to all of you racing at Swanson tomorrow. I'll try to make it there for moral and photography support!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Count me in for Lake Manawa Clean up

From the Thor blog:
6th Annual Lake Manawa Clean up Day
Are you tired of riding by the same piece of garbage on the bike trail? Now is your chance to pick it up along with any other trash along the trail and river.

When: Sunday, May 2, 2010, 1 p.m. till 3 p.m.

Meet: At shelter 6, will we be introduced to other by DNR staff (wear your thor shirts)

What to bring: gloves, and work clothes.

May want to bring your bike to ride the cleaned trails when we are finished. This event is a lake wide clean up with us focusing on the bike area. Lets see how many mountain bikers we can get to help out with this project. If you come late just meet at the river ramp and start filling the black trailor with trash, bags will be inside it. Help celebrate earth day by picking up trash on the bike trails at Lake Manawa. Hope to see your face Sunday.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I hate it when that happens!

Piece of mind when you buy a nice lock and secure your bike to something that can't be moved. Until the city workers or police take away your anchor! Saw this in Dublin and was reminded of the picture (click to enlarge) when I read about how NYPD had to remove all the bikes along Obama's motorcade route. This was to ensure no pipebombs would be hiding inside the bikes. No warning or notice to the owners, bikes gone! Read about it here.

Too funny not to post

Saw this on Tosh.o tonight, hilarious! Not biking related but whatever.

Check baby check, baby 1...2...

Yikes! NYC cop body checks a cyclist during Critical mass. The cop is heading to trial where he faces up to four years in prison. Watch the youtube video and read the story here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A few bike pics from Ireland

Why wouldn't you bike to the pub? 

Not going to lie...I take alot of pictures. In the week and a half that I was in Ireland, I managed to take over 2600 pictures (about 28gb of pictures). Compared to my Hawaii trip where I only took 1700 pictures, I feel that my passion for photography is deepening. Of course, I'll be happy if even one third of my photos turn out. Thank goodness for technology and digital!

Anyway, the first photos on my list to process are the biking pics. People seem to bike everywhere in Ireland, especially Dublin. No fancy bikes in the city, just bikes to get from point A to point B. Lots of mt bikes, fixsters, and commuter bikes. Traffic is kind of crazy, but there are bike lanes throughout the streets to help people get around. Maybe the coolest thing I noticed? The bike rentals on the streets. I didn't investigate too much, but it is a pay and rent a bike system. The stands were full in the morning, but by the time the end of the day rolled around, most if not all of the bikes were gone. It was super easy to spot the ugly blue bikes as people rode by them on the street. I see that I now have a follower from Dublin (welcome!). Maybe they can shed some light to us stateside folk as to how the rent a bike system works?

They did have offroad biking tours and parks in a few tourist brochures that I looked at. Unfortunately we were too busy sightseeing for me to get any time on the saddle.

The rent a bike system over there was pretty cool to see

A bike messenger outside of our hotel in Dublin

 Need a lift? A modern rickshaw styled bike in front of St. Stephens Green shopping center.

  A deli in Kilkenny with bikes as part of the outside decor

 We think this is modern bike rack?

 Bakery deliver bike in Galway

 An oxymoron? I thought maybe motorcycles when I saw the sign. But nope, bicycles and propane!
 Can't say I saw an actual Trek bike on the street, but the store is there

 A nice family moment when I saw the father pushing his daughter on his bike. There is a seat attachment in the middle of the top tube. I also saw this on another bike that we passed.  

It feels good to be home!

Ate too much, drank too much, partied too much, but that was all planned in our Ireland trip! We got to the airport in Dublin around 8am yesterday, customs took forever, and plane didn't depart until 1pm. When we landed in Chicago 7.5 hrs later, people clapped as soon as the wheels touched down. I think those were the ones that were stranded in Europe due to the ashcloud. It was pretty interesting. Finally made it back to Omaha around 7pm cst, meaning that we were in the airport system at least 17 hours. What a long day!

What did I think of Ireland? Loved it! The food is great, people are super friendly towards Americans, pubs are great, and it is very beautiful there. Tons of things to see and do, we didn't even touch the surface with the nine days that we were there. Some of the cooler things that we did included the Temple Bar District in Dublin, Guinness Brewery, Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Medieval castle dinner (very cool), stayed in the castle Ballynahinch, B&B in Galway, Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells there. I'm still sorting through all of the pictures, will post them up soon. Laundry time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

**Stolen Bike**

Bike Masters Cycling Dale's haro mary is missing. Left at the shop's back door around 13:00 today. Copper color, black fenders, front brake only, fixed gear. One of a kind. If you see it, call shop at 964.1080. Another pic here

Bike Masters Cycling

Checking in from Ireland!

Currently staying at a castle in Recess, Connemara Co Galway, Ireland. The Ballynahinch castle to be exact. Started our week off in Dublin, then off to Waterford, Kilkenny, Killarney, Cork, Limerick, a bed and breakfast last night in Galway, and now finally here. Not sure how the flights will work out this Friday when we fly back. The Ireland airport finally opened flights today, so we're crossing our fingers. Tomorrow night, back to Dublin. Going to end the night with a bang, Dropkick Murphy's are playing there so we'll do that before our 7hr trip home. About 2400 pictures taken, will take me forever to go through them. See you guys stateside!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Having a great time in Dublin!

I'm in Dublin, woot woot! Flew in yesterday, walked around downtown, St. Stephen's Park, and hung out in Temple Bar district all night. Great times! Guinness drinks so easily and smooth here, less chocolate tasting than in the states. On call for today is the Guinness brewery, followed by Trinity College, and finally Brazenhead and maybe Fitzpatrick's.

Missing one member of our group. He flew over separate from us using his frequent flier miles, got stuck in London. ALL flights out of London and Belfast were canceled due to the volcano eruption up in Iceland. Too much volcanic ash in the sky. Hopefully he can get a flight in today, especially since we are heading out to the country tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Off to Ireland

Packed and ready to go. There is no way that you can pack a suitcase for an international flight and keep it under the 50lb limit. Especially when a medium suitcase weighs at least 20lbs by itself. Taking a tripod doesn't help either! Many pairs of shoes have turned into the essential tennis shoes for sightseeing, and a black pair of Diesels that will get me into the bars/clubs.

Where's my folding bike? Oh yeah, the Dahon mt bike that my parents got me a decade ago is sitting at their house! Have a good week everyone, will see you guys when I get back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lewis and Clark ride yesterday

Todd, Cory, and myself made it out to L&C for a quick ride early Sunday afternoon. One of those last minute, where are we riding and what time are we meeting rides.

I haven't hit the big red button on the T.H.O.R. site yet, but there is a huge tree blocking the trail at Lewis and Clark. It is in that section where you have that very fast chute, can't explain it any better (see picture below).

 Todd, Cory, and myself also moved a pretty big downed tree off of the trail on the west side by the train tracks. While trying to catch my breath, I also took the time to clear some bigger branches off of the trail while riding. Did the best I could on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

If you go back on the trail about 30 feet, there is a shortcut around this tree

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Deconstructed Wheel

I saw this "Deconstructed Wheel" clip while watching New World Disorder 3 - Freewheel Burning. That is nuts! Sam Brown riding. Wow, update. I guess Sam Brown died while being held in jail after being caught smuggling drugs across the B.C. border. RIP. Read more here

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Universal Sports Channel and new hangout Lava Jays

Not sure if anybody else ever checks out the Universal Sports channel on Cox cable 108.4, but they were showing reruns of the 2010 Women's UCI Cyclocross World Championship from the Czech Republic tonight. I do miss having the Outdoor Life Network. They would always show mt bike racing (maybe the Sea Otter Classic?) and other mt bike themed programming back in the day. Ultimately, yes, I admit that I'm staying in on a Saturday night!

Last night at Lava Jays was a good time. It's a new bar/lounge/dance club that is located at 129th and Maple in Eagle Run, next to Hiro Sushi. Tonight was the official opening night, but last night was pretty packed despite the $5 cover. DJ was mixing hip hop, both old school and newer. Bacardi girls were out to hand out free shots which is never a good thing. Good friend Senyo that I've known since Creighton is going back to Ghana, Africa for at least 6 months, it was good to see him before he goes. Senyo, Omaha will miss you (again!).

Adams Park trail construction

Kudos to T.H.O.R. and others for working on the Adams Park trail today. KETV channel 7 aired a story tonight, I recognized a few faces on there. Here is a clip from another night discussing the trail, along with T.H.O.R. and Activate Omaha's involvement.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just for you Mike

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blind trials rider and DH racer

I've always been fascinated with trials riders, like a whole nother breed of biking. This guy Matt Gillman lost his eyesight in an injury back in 2004. With my working in the eye business, this kid blows my mind knowing that he can do this while not being able to see. Crazy! Matt, you're my new hero for still doing what you love to do, even with a disability. Never give up!


Wow, on a related note, Bobby McMullen is a near blind downhill mt biker who lost most of his eyesight due to Diabetes. We see it all the time in the office, Diabetes mellitus can just kill your vision if blood sugars are out of control for too long. Check out the dvd by Poison Oak Productions called The Way Bobby Sees It.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who doesn't have $2300 to spend on wheels?

New Easton Haven carbon wheels are out for us mountain bikers. UST compatible, these wheels come in both 26" and 29" to keep us all happy. Who's buying them first? Specs here at the Easton website and press release and write up here on Feed the habit.

The4color Photography - nice collection of bike photos

Came across photography work by Anthony Smith. I like the way he composes his shots and subjects, very subtle, almost expressionless in a way. I think it is the way that he uses the lighting in his pictures. Anyway, check out his 4 seasons project and also his sketchbook where he has some winter sports pictures, mt biking, road biking, and even some bike shop photos.

Drive By Crocheting

This ain't your grandma's Crochet work!

Picture from Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Drive By Crocheting

Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventure Cycling Association photo winners

My two favorite hobbies right now are mt biking and photography. I get pretty excited when I come across other people's photography that deals with or centers around biking in general. Inspires me and makes me want to learn how they took their shots. Anyway, this is a pretty cool website I came across while browsing the TacoRide blog. Adenture Cycling had a contest where riders could submit their best bicycle traveling photos. Here are the winners and runners up at Adventure Cycling Assocation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another blog to take care of???

That's right, I'm taking on another blog, called Team Spokehole. As if one wasn't keeping my busy enough! This other blog will only be about displaying race results of people close to me. Whether it is mountain bike races, adventure races, triathalons, marathons, you name it, I'll post up times and finishing positions. Heck, my bowling league scores might even make it up there!? No BS, no pics, no crazy expensive bikes pics for you to drool over. That is what The Biking Fools is for!

The name came about one day while Todd and I were talking about setting up tubeless tires. I explained to him the need for a rim strip, to cover the spokehole. We just started laughing. And then came Team Spokehole...A Racing Division of The Biking Fools. Haha.

If any of you readers know us personally and have a score, time, or accomplishment to brag about, let me know. I'll put it up there!

The Cleatless Wonder at Jewell Park TT

I've been riding on my Time Atacs and Shimano SPD pedals for at least 12 years now. Never had a problem, never had a worry. UNTIL five minutes before the start of yesterday's time trials at Jewell Park. One of the toughest courses around, which was enough to give me the pre-race jitters. I was ready to go, decide to do a quick jaunt out of the parking lot to get warmed up. I go to clip out and my foot is stuck. Foot turned sideways but wouldn't clip out. What the? Finally I yank my foot out and look underneath my shoe. I was missing one of the two screws to hold my cleat in! No way! Well there was no way at Jewell that I would race like that, I was already having flash forwards of myself toppling sideways down the course because I couldn't unclip my left foot. Decision made, I would take out the left cleat completely and ride solo. Or call it riding dirty if you will, because I'm sure that's how it looked on the course. Everytime I tried to climb, my right pedal would make the revolution, while my left foot just slipped off the pedal. And standing during climbs? Near impossible because my left foot would just fly forward or backwards. The rhythm of the pedal stroke was gone, leading to a quick loss of momentum. Halfway through after frustration, I decided that jumping off and running the bike would sometimes be easier. GRRRR...not how I wanted to start the race season!!!

Todd flew by me early in the race, but was a great motivational help by telling me to push on when he would see me throughout the course. Thanks for the words of encouragement Todd, it helped. Todd finished 5th in the Cat 3 open, I finished 11th. Not last, so I'm happy with that result considering my BS situation. Results can be seen here.

Todd hungry!

Buddy Alex and I at Jewell watching Cat 1 racers 

Happy Easter Folks!

Happy Easter! Try to get some riding in between church and that big Easter dinner!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's...

Todd on his new Giant fully! Todd, glad you got a full suspension because you'll need the cushion for those landings!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another great day on the trails

I was hoping for some fresh legs before tomorrow's time trials, but Todd called me this morning and convinced me to hop on the saddle. We originally decided on Jewell, but the weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate. Quick change in plans, a few raindrops later, next thing I know we were biking at Tranquility where the sun was bright and shining! What a great day! I need to have more Fridays off! Ride on!

Todd and his new ride!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The cupcakes made me do it!

This has been one of those weeks...missed my photography club meeting because of late surgeries, then proceeded to get lost due to construction which only exacerbated the situation. In the end I also missed a chance to ride Tuesday night.

Ahh...but finally last night I was able to squeeze in two laps at Tranquility. I'm usually a pretty slow rider and am always finding excuses to stop and take a break. But last night, I flew threw two laps at Tranquility without making a single stop, probably my fastest times ever! Wasn't even tired at the end and was ready to go for more. I considered doing lap #3 but it was getting dark, even with Stella to guide my way.

Still a little muddy and wet in the same problem areas as before. This beautiful sun and 80 degree temps will hopefully change all that. I'm not even going to speak of the rain that is forecasted for my day off tomorrow!
Maybe it was the sugar rush from my supervisor's awesome Easter cupcake I had before leaving work? Maybe it was the natural high of finally biking in beautiful weather? Or maybe it was the fact that I've been hitting legs pretty heavy every week in the gym. Whatever the cause, I hope that strength and stamina finds me in every trail ride this year! Happy Easter everyone, I will probably see you guys at the time trials this Saturday at Jewell (maybe behind the handlebars or the lens of my camera).

I think we all need chocolate cupcakes with peeps to fuel our rides!