Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting ready for the holidays

Instead of heading to my parents' place like I was suppose to last weekend, I spent it getting a ton of stuff done. Well mostly holiday stuff, because man, weather like this the week before Thanksgiving doesn't happen often! We're still biking in shorts and short sleeves! Anyway, I think I'm due for a truck or SUV of some sort in the near future.

I told the guys just to cram it in the car. And that they did!

If you know anybody in the market for a ladder, tell them to get a multiuse ladder. Best ladder ever!

Yeah, I'm not afraid of heights, but it sucked being up on top of the second story roof top. Of course, the wind picked up for the 15 minutes or so that I was up there!

Tada! These LEDs are so bright, I was half expecting my neighbors to come out complaining.

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