Saturday, November 17, 2012

An abnormal TNR

What can I say? Last night's ride was good and sweet. Work has been super stressful this week, even with Monday off I had four hours of overtime. Yeah, you do the math. I worked today from 5:45am and left work at 10pm tonight. How crazy is that? Most of the nurses did a split shift, while a few of us lucky ones worked the full 15-16 hrs. Yikes!

Chris, Christian, Jorge, and myself representing the fat of the land!

And with that, comes the chart prep for all those surgeries. Stayed till 8:30pm on Wednesday night working on those. But enough about work. This is a biking blog, not some b*tch to others about work blog! Biking, its where its at. Some people go to the gym to get the stress out. Yup, I do that. But I've found that riding in the woods with your friends works even better. Even if you've ridden the trail near 100 times in the past. And its dark and you're going slow. Its all good. Something about the rides just makes you think about the good stuff in life.

And yes, I forgot my shoes again. Ended upriding in Sanuks which is nearly like a covered flip flop. Not only that, but forgot my camera and somehow ended up wearing the ex girlfriends tights. Yeah, I was made fun of by the guys. I deserved it! Good ride anyway. We had four fat and about three or four "skinny". Soon to add to that count will be another fat, maybe.

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  1. Glad you got some cycling recharge. I finally made it out to TRQ and tried to make it up that new steep gully exit! Not happenin'! Maybe next time. Hope you're having a great fall!