Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm sick of you Facebook!

Stupid. I know everyone is just trying to make a buck. Yes, a buck. And that is what FB keeps asking of me to send an email to someone. I'm not "connected to them" so it'll cost me a dollar to send my message to their inbox? Otherwise it will filter to their junk mail. Seriously? Drives me nuts!

You aren't connected to **** on Facebook, so your message would normally get filtered to his Other folder. You can:
Send this message to his Inbox for $1.00 USD

Just send this message to his Other folder—What is this?


  1. Go to your messages on the top left corner, click on it and there's your "other" folder. The idea is so pathetic, especially if you need to get in touch with someone ASAP and most of us don't know about the "other" folder. What a bunch of BS.

    Happy Riding

  2. Yeah, after I saw this message last month, I went and checked my "other" folder. Found messages in there from over two years ago!!! Ridiculous.