Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just like getting back on that bike...

Except now my Trek has a bent front disc rotor, broken off reflector, and is scraped to hell on my Fox Float. MFer! And I still have tree bark stuck in the strangest places on my bike.

Oh well, more excuse for me to change that broken reflector mount to a handlebar mounted tripod. http://www.camerahacker.com/build/Bicycle_Camera_Mount.php
 The paint is no big whoop so no worries. Hopefully I didn't compromise the strength of the rotor when I crashed, but I think I can gently bend it back to shape. Any input on this?

btw. Todd and Cory, I'm read to ride. I was a little shaky getting on (I might have been nervous that I was going to wreck again???) but 10 miles around Standing Bear felt great.

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