Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Riding on new 26s...

Guess it's not the same as riding on 30s like this H2 Hummer was! Anyway, tires are tires. Or are they? I spent about 6 hours on Sunday installing my Continental Race Kings UST and about half an hour tonight throwing on the Continental Double Fighters. Wow, what a difference on both sets. Took the Race King equipped Trek to Swanson and no more slipping and sliding. Who knew that those OEMs were such a piece of junk!

Tonight I took the Gary Fisher out and did a quick spin around Standing Bear to get a feel for the "commuter" tires. Wow, what a smooth and fast ride. Reminds me of the old days on my Raleigh 10 speed and tearing through the neighborhood. If anyone needs help installing UST or tubeless tires, just let me know. This was my second experience using Stan's Tire Sealant.

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