Sunday, February 24, 2013

2 Wheels and Tools

As one of the many administrators of the NE Fatbike page, its nice to see new faces and people like comments and sharing their stories and pictures. After posting a picture of yesterday's ride at Tranquility, I came across this like by Jon Rosenboom who is from Iowa. It said owner/peddler of 2 Wheels and Tools. I was wondering if this is a bike shop. Nope. Turns out the guy does construction and handy man work and transports using his bike! I'm not sure if he has a website or not, but here is his Facebook page. Check out the photos! Pretty cool stuff! Way to be ozone friendly and to get the exercise in!

After emailing Jon, he mentioned that his trailer of tools is 150lbs! He averages about 11mph on the hilly sections, about 15 on the flats. Most days he travels between 10-25 miles, sometimes as much as 29 in a day. That freaking rocks! Man, Jon makes me feel guilty for driving myself and my lunch to work everyday in my Honda!

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