Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another trip to Ponderosa

I'm starting to miss the singletrack. Anyone else feel the same? I hate this time of year. Not cold enough to freeze the trail, but warm enough to make you want to get out there. Two weekends ago another Ponderosa ride was put together. This time the group was smaller, about 8. It was Brian, Paul, Dave N, Dale, Big Mike, myself, Nick, and Elroy. Half the group was kind enough to swing by my house and pick me up on their way out to Prarie View Lake. We basically took Military Road all the way to Bennington Road, then cut over on 180th Street. Once the group was assembled, we made our way out to the destination.

This is how I spent my Friday night before the ride. Out drinking at Loose Moose with old coworkers. Probably part of my reason for cramping around mile 20!

And this is how I spent my morning before the ride. Make a breakfast casserole!

Less wind this time around. Had some freezing rain hit us. Three barking doggies chased us. Burgers were amazing and the lady gave away some free food. My inner legs were cramping near the knee as soon as we were making the last and final climb back up 180th street. We got back to my place and had some beverages. Typical Saturday afternoon ride. Ha! Good ride fellas. Thanks for the company after the ride.

Barking doggy number 1

Number 2
The freezing falling stuff added to the ride

A new purpose to the smoking area!

Real men...

The weird stuff they have a the Ponderosa

Remember Brian and his two burgers at Pizza Gourmet?

One delicious burger!

Ahh...the high life...and some sun!

I tracked this ride with Endomondo. Here are the stats:

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