Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finally a MNR!

Oh man how I've missed riding on Monday nights. Work late. Too cold. Too wet. Too muddy. You get the picture. EXCUSES. Well yesterday while sitting at work, I decided that I would ride no matter what (pending trail conditions!). It was short notice, but I managed to get a few to ride.

Well, trail conditions weren't the greatest. I was hoping that the snow would be similar to Saturday and Sunday's, but that just wasn't the case. A high of 36 degrees on Monday just killed the snow. Muddy spots were appearing and the trail was getting bumpy from the thawing and refreezing around other trail user's tracks. You know that part that is usually like a highway closest to the Kelly Parking lot? Yeah. BuMpY!!!

Hokey Pokey like games we were playing

I was glad that we started the ride just a little bit later because by the time we made our last lap on the north side, the ground was starting to refreeze and there was little if any mud being kicked up by our fatness. Speaking of fat, Greg was out enjoying his new red Pugsley, Chris was contemplating the future of his current Pugsley, and I was trying to figure out how to clean my dirty Mukluk. And no big Mike, putting my fat bike in my own shower is not an option. That just screams mess! But if felt great to get out and enjoy the cold air. Afraid it might be the last snow ride of the season. Until next time when we meet for a bigger sized MNR!

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