Sunday, February 24, 2013

Got out for a little bit of riding yesterday

My bike is dirty and lonely hanging on the garage wall, so I decided to give it some company. Went to Tranquility to get in some snow riding. Temps were sitting pretty close to the high 20s by the time I got my act together and got to the trail.

Such a cool pattern, I was lucky enough to be the first biker to go through after the snowshoers had made their way on the north side. The whole time riding, I was thinking it looked like a dinosaur spine, made up of hundreds if not thousands of vertebrae. 

The snow. Not exactly the best for riding in. It was perfect snowman making weather, which doesn't equate to good biking in the snow weather. The bottom was just slick and required a lot of extra ummpphhh to get through the trail. Someone was kind enough to snowblow a section of trail closest to Kelly Field, and I believe that Paul and then Chris (maybe others?) made it out on snowshoes to help pack down some trail. Thanks guys!

I didn't make it out today, but rumor is that somebody got a new fatbike and they were out at Tranquility today. Can't wait to see it!

For some odd reason I just wanted to ride through fresh snow. So I made a long straight ride through the area next to the fields. My traction was actually better believe it or not. And it was just cool to see the unmarked snow rolling under those tires, pedals scraping the top of the snow, and the crunching sound of the low psi tires. 

And finally, those wheelies. You always see me trying and trying. Well it FINALLY clicked! Cha ching! Ding ding! I found that sweet spot that I can adjust my wheelie by either pedaling or braking, and can even kind of manual for a little bit. More practice to make it perfect, but I think I got it! I've been trying to wheelie for years and years! Hooray!

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