Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I need money for gas so I can pick up my foodstamps"

A guy used that line on us in the Maplewood bowling alley parking lot last night. It started off with a random guy walking up to us saying that it was his birthday. Cool man, happy birthday. Should we break out in song and dance for you? Then the sob story of how his mama died on his birthday when he was born. Feel so sorry for you brother. What’s that? Oh, suddenly we are best friends and you need money? I got in my car while my buddies pulled out some ones. They really felt bad for him. He walks off and we decide to stop at the BP gas station around the corner. Oh, look who is inside with a cigarette in his hand and a 6 pack of beer (and not the cheap beer either!!!)! We walked in and chewed his ass out, the cashier had this surprised look on his face because we caught him off guard and thought a fight was going to break out. Random guy promised to give us a beer, we said okay. As soon as he paid, he took off on foot and didn’t look back.

Moral is don’t bother giving people money that walk up to you with a sob story. Coming out of a movie theater one night, my date and I were approached by a guy saying that his wife was pregnant and they needed gas to get to the hospital (turns out a coworker had the same line used on her). It was freezing temps outside and we felt bad for him. But we refused to give him money and quickly got in the car. We watched him walk off and get into a car with a bunch of guys. Then we see another car pull up to them and more of his buddies were inside. Get a F*ing job buddy! BTW…I bowled awesome last night!

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