Saturday, November 2, 2013

Last Sunday's CC trailday and some RC car action

Why not make Sunday into the longest day ever...well almost ever. Made it out to Calvin Crest last Sunday for a trailday with the THOR folk. It's been awhile since I've biked out there, so figured I'd make an appearance. Packed a shovel, the fat, and then some RC cars. Heck why not. Fremont has that RC track so figured I'd swing by. Hobbytown track is way too crowded and dark, heck I can barely see the other side of their track because its so big!

Arrived late to Calvin Crest, had way too much to pack into the Jeep. Better late than never I guess. Ended up Chris was taking people down to the trail in shifts, so it worked out in the long run. We worked on two berms during the time that I was there. Mostly I just shoveled dirt into the wheelbarrels and then helped to tamp some of the dirt down. I still don't know how to ride berms and some of the other berms were on nearly flat after uphill sections, but I didn't question them. Whatever. Not my design, I'm just a worker!

Calvin Crest is more fun than ever. The trail has really matured since we first started riding there a couple of years ago. I almost ate it once, it was on the downhill after the Tower Climb before it dumps you out to the flat section. I took the turn and felt the rear end swinging out. I was really cranking it and was really leaning the bike. I managed to lower my right foot just in time and caught myself and it kept me going. Troy behind me saw it happen, maybe it looked like I meant to do it? Great times! Too bad I had only eaten a protein bar 5 hours before. Was tired and didn't have enough energy to ride another lap. Great work to all who help out there.

About 4 pm I ventured over to the RC track to run my buggy and truck. Small track, but it has a couple of jumps. Then I walked about 50 ft over to the sandy oval track. That was fun too. Man those RC cars are fast! Think I'm a terrible driver because I couldn't even keep them on the track after the turns, might have to actually let off of the throttle to make the turns! Lol. Guess I drive them like I drive Mariokart. No brakes, just gas!

Never good when the truck comes back rubbing on the body. But it was just a shock top that came loose.

This isn't good either, but a cheap easy fix.

The truck came back looking like a lowrider, one of the tops had come off of the shocks and I ended up with shock oil all over the place. Screwed the top back on and finished the lap. Then pulled out the buggy. Was having a blast with that. What a difference 4wd compared to 2wd makes. The turning, acceleration, everything is different. Eventually lost a rod that connects the A arm to the body. Looked all over for it, couldn't find it. But I did find other peoples' car parts in the dirt. Like a treasure hunt!

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