Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Its a start to prevent stolen bicycles!

Came across this article the other day in the OWH Midlands section. UNL campuses now have bait bikes, basically decommissioned police bikes that have been rebuilt and they're hoping they get stolen. Why you ask? Because they have built in GPS to help them be found. Here are a couple of the articles.

Now a couple questions I have to ask are one, why can't we buy a bicycle with built in GPS to help us find our stolen bikes. This would also become useful if a biker gets hit on the road and ends up in the ditch, or a mt biker becomes stranded or lost. I remember three years ago a rider had a heart attack during the taco ride and ended up off the trail only to be found the next day after the family had searched for him. Yes it may be expensive and the battery would have to be replaced. But what if it was built into a tail light of sort.

My second question is why is this bait concept not being used on bicycle thieves around town? I'm sure there isn't the manpower, but just announce that this is out there to at least make thieves think twice.

And lastly, the article explains the severity of the charge based on the value of the bike. That I understand, but heck, a bike theft should be treated as a bike theft. Same all across the board. Steal a car, bike, jewelry, theft is theft in my book.

Anyway here are the articles

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