Monday, October 14, 2013

Chocolate Festival!

How would I describe this event? Like Black Friday, except its women with children going after chocolate. Yikes! Elise had won two tix to this event that was being held at the whatever hotel convention center out by Cabelas. Yeah. I already forgot the name of it. But thats not important. What's important is that we got to sample 5 items each per ticket, ranging from candy, to choc flavored popcorn, to cupcakes and bundt cakes. Anything dealing with chocolate was there, including a snow cone make.

A mint chocolate chip cupcake

Pretty funny stuff right there

So I usually enter myself into raffles, especially if they go towards a good cause. But for some reason, the thought didn't even cross my mind this time. Elise on the other hand purchased five raffle tickets and put my name on two of them. Well guess who won...TWICE! I got a phone call that same afternoon saying that I had won a raffle. I happened to see a nice pair of sunglasses behind the lady and said ooh that would be nice to win. Well I didn't win that. Instead, what I won was a $25 gift certificate to Pettit's bakery AND a huge candy basket from Smej's candy shop on 120th and Blondo. Sugar overload!

It was fun, but way too many people. Vendors were running out of samples after only a few hours. I spoke to the lady telling me about my winnings. Last year, they had 2500 in attendance and it was held at the field club. Well this year, 5000 showed up! Crazy sweet times.

The raffle winnings.

The raffle

Way too many people fighting for sweets.

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