Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sure beats working...

A day off (I've had many this summer!) with little to do other than hitting the trails with a camera zip-tied to my helmet. I have taken 3o+ short video clips of Lewis and Clark and Jewell Park over the past couple of days. Sadly, I have no editing software to play with so the footage is raw and noisy. Managed to keep the rubber side down two days in a row but had a VERY close call with a rather large deer that scared the living _ _ _ _ out of me at Jewell today. We must have missed each other by no more than 3 feet. Unfortunately, the camera wasn't rolling at the time. All in all, two great days of riding.

Wish you were there...


  1. Nice video Cory! Makes me really want to get out and ride. I was afraid you were gonna hit that crossing trunk with your camera, gotta remember to duck an extra 3 inches!

  2. Yah, I have to duck quite a bit as it is but with the camera on top of the helmet I had to be extra careful. I actually learned the hard way before even getting on the bike. I was all geared up but went to grab something out of the truck. I almost knocked the camera off of my helmet as I stood back up. I did manage to whack the camera a couple of times pretty good on some low-hanging branches. I really want a camera like Cody's. Not sure where to get one.