Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey Hey Hey

Hey Day on May Day. Of course there is a celebration that involves biking, live music, food, and art on my birthday! How could I not go check it out? Jena and I rolled over to Harney Street after work to see what it was all about. Basically it was to help promote and discuss a new transportation master plan for Omaha. The goal would be to make a biker/walker friendly area that goes from Midtown to the Old Market.

Two lanes of Harney was blocked off and a representation was laid out on the street.

Roxy and Dave P represent!

To help demonstrate, two lanes of Harney street were blocked off to show what it would be like. I think its a fabulous idea! Jena and I left the festivities to go and ride the pedestrian bridge. As much as I hate riding in the street, there is no other way to safely get down there. Just have to watch for cars that come right up to you and try to get around you any chance they get. This new plan if put into effect would be a safe and friendlier way to get to the Old Market. One less car, and one less parking spot needed on a Friday night. How great would that be?

More details here

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