Monday, May 21, 2012

Fishing...round two!

More fishing...after the ride on Sunday and some delicious brats prepared by Chef Neef (thanks Chef!), buddy Todd and I got in a few hours of fishing before it got dark. Caught two more fish at Standing Bear. The first one I caught happened while I was trying to fix a tangled line. I look over and my bobber was underwater. Too bad I had about an extra 15 feet of line out and trying to straighten it up on the trail by the water. So I yanked on the line with my hand and hooked the fish. Hilarious.

Catching fish while not even looking seems to be my skill

Todd also caught a fish, but not really. Guess I'll give him credit. There was a bobber floating in from far away. Eventually it ended up in front of my line. I tried to get the bobber with my line, but missed. Then I saw the bobber moving in the opposite direction than what the water was moving. I was like huh? Eventually it made its way over to Todd after doing all sorts of crazy patterns. Todd tried the same, was able to get a feel of the bobber and line with his line. Fish on there! It was moving faster now. Todd managed to cast out again and again and finally caught the fish attached to the bobber. Pretty crazy. We called it the fish that got away, from someone else's pole that is! Good times.

This fish was attached...if you know what I mean

It was getting dark around 9 and I decided to call it quits. Started reeling in my line and next thing I know, a striped bass grabs my hot dog and corn smorgasbord of a meal about five feet in front of me. Its when you least expect it that a fish latches on. Standing Bear is so close and I've been having good luck. Sounds like I'll be doing more fishing in the near future!

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