Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One of those rides

I'm going to explain my ride tonight and you'll know exactly what I mean. We've all been there. Go for a ride after work because who knows what mother nature will bring us these next two days. You get out there, don't see anyone you know and just ride. You legs are spinning those cranks as though they were welded directly to your body. You're like a well oiled robot on tonight's ride, everything you've learned about biking in the past just makes sense. You take turns with ease and pedal efficiently out of them. What seemed like a climb in previous rides is merely another flat section in your mind. Those usual water stops to catch your breath just breeze on by as you keep the momentum going of those 26 or 29 inch wheels.

They talk about a runner's high, well what about a biker's high? We've ridden Tranquility hundreds of times, spent countless hours out there with buddies working on the trail. And hate to admit it, but sometimes riding that same trail three times a week gets boring. But for some reason, tonight's ride is different. There is wildlife galore on the trail, a wild turkey on the north side, bunnies running along side you down by the ice rink. You see an occasional rider behind you but there is no way you are going to let them catch up. Your bike is heavier than the others in your stable, but your legs don't seem to mind.

Next thing you know, a full lap has quickly gone by. The sun is going down and you're almost out of water. Should you go for another? As you retrace your steps to where you first began, you decide to head on home and call it a day. The only thing on your mind is wow what a great ride. That, and when do I get to ride again...

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