Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just messin...

Around that is. Finally got to try out my macro lens that I picked up for my Lensbaby. Buy lenses, don't use them. Put together a mini photo light box tent, don't use it. Save all of these beer caps for a photo project I want to try...don't use them. Bought this Monopoly game about 5 years ago...You get the picture. My mini robot finally came in and I was bored tonight. So I finally snapped some pics.

It's cool because the tracing paper on the sides of the box help to diffuse the light. While yes, the standard light bulb used ends up yellow in the photos, most software will allow you to do white light corrections. Set it to tungsten and you're good to go. Actually, most all cameras automatically correct for lighting. Yes, even point and shoots. More pictures to come!

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