Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Funday Monday MNR

Monday's ride was spectacular! It was fast. It was gorgeous weather out. And it was definitely one of the bigger groups that we've had out there after a hard day of work on a Monday. For once, a full lap can be finished and it is still bright out. With the rain that we've been getting, might as well ride more! Many of us rode a little more than a full lap out there.

I chose to ride the fat that night. As comfy and light that my Trek is, there is still something about riding those fat tires that you can't wrap your hand around. It's bumpy, it's thrilling, and it still puts that much wider of a smile on my face when I ride out to Tranquility. It has become my famous line when explaining the reason for my fat tires to the layman. Yes, it's a snowbike. But I love to ride it year round. I catch myself telling people that ALL the time.

About 17 riders or more that night

Paul hosted the after ride party and we thank you for allowing us to clog your intersection with bikes and cars in the street. Its always good times, good conversation, and the beverages and snacks aren't too shabby either. Thank you to Dave N for bringing back the "Nectar of God" as Brian called it, to Dave P for providing the eats, and to everyone else for the multiple number of coolers that we had that night. And sorry to Emma for making it uncomfortable to even walk through her own garage!

Most people didn't know that it was my birthday the next day, but it felt really good to be with a good group of friends sharing some beers and enjoying the two wheeled trail action. Thanks guys for helping the Mondays go faster and for starting off my week in a great way!

Some like it FAT

I had to put my COOL stache in the picture somehow!

The nectar, courtesy of Dave N

Jumping Jack from Misterlime on Vimeo.


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  2. Thanks should go to Adam N for bringing the nectar from CO.
    Awesome stache!
    And belated happy birthday!