Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good times, Good DJs

Don't laugh at my new drinks that I tried. One was called Paradise Lost and the other was a fizzy strawberry beer. How were they? Freakin amazing! $7 drink called Paradise Lost consist of cucumber infused vodka, some soda, maybe some sugar, and a slice of kiwi fruit. Amazing tasting! You know how fresh tasting the cucumber makes your water taste at Blue Sushi? Well think of the same but in vodka form. So good, but so expensive! Especially when you're buying a round or two for four or more people!

Buddy Jeremy and his goofy looking hat! Almost matches my goofy looking stache!

And then the strawberry beer. It's not like the strawberry beer that Empyrean brews and sells at Upstream. this was about 10 times better. Think of mixing strawberry soda of some sort with a lager. I can't even explain it. Yes, I'm not embarrassed to admit that I like a strawberry beer!  The DJs were good and the company was good at Loom. My friends were also drinking root beer mixed with Absinth. Blech! You should have seen the look on Sara's face after her husband Ryan handed it to her. Priceless!

Wow, Jeremy never dances!

Co-worker Molly was out too. She's got the crazy moves yo!

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