Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apple, you suck

Apple you're a pain in my butt. Luckily I just have an Ipod. I refuse to by an Ipad, Iphone, or any of your other overpriced electronics. You can't change the battery and can't add more memory (seriously, 32 gb memory cards can be had for $15). You make me reset my password three times and all I want to find out is my AppleID. And why should you care where I get my music from. Out of a 16 song album, only one song is playable on my $300 Ipod touch. Come on guys, get with the program and get rid of that stupid Itunes program that asks me to update every two weeks. If you have more than one ipod and want to sync to the same computer but have different tunes on each. Good luck! And also, what kind of a device makes you have to dump all of your memory then re-add everything just to do a software update, which also comes out once a month. My Android phone doesn't. It just says updating and restarts itself immediately. It doesn't have to dump 32gb of songs, apps, and settings, then have to re-add them. Its just plain silly and a huge waste of time. Can you tell that I'm bitter? I'm not saying that PC or Droid is the best. I'm not trying to be a fanboy. Chevy or Ford. Xbox or Ps3. But I'm saying that Apple tries to play by its own rules when there are better rules to be had. Sorry to you guys and gals out there who love their Apple products. For thanks.

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