Saturday, May 26, 2012


Temps were near perfect as Cody and I set off from Council Bluffs towards Mineola. It was raining the morning of and questionable clouds all day long, so the ride could have been a no go. But as 5pm rolled around, there was no doubt that we were going. It was sunny and temps in the 60s. Perfect! For Cody, Natalie and I, this was our first Tacoride of the year! Woohoo, can you feel the excitement? For Kellan and Jim, their 6th they counted. Wow, I'm behind the times!

We all finally met down in Margaritaville, which didn't take long for Cody and I to get down to. About 40 minutes? The Mukluk and Chumba were smoking it! Not too many people on the ride compared to last (according to Jim and Kellan), so that helped set the right atmosphere.

After making it down to Mineola, we found a live band on a trailer, a huge twister game going on in the street, and tables set up all throughout the street. This place yells fun left and right! But even with those table, there still wasn't enough seating. Cody and I finally made our way to the back of the restaurant and sat down. Service was fairly quick, and get this, my tacos were hot! Granted we were five feet from the taco making station, but I'm just saying. I devoured six tacos and Cody had the pork tenderloin. Not the Slick's (mess up in order), but he said it was proabably better that way.

The band was good, playing lots of tunes for every audience. Cirkle of Fifths was their name. After speaking to a coworker who owns the Driftwood, the lead singer is only 15! Crazy! Food done, drinks done, time to roll on out. The night was perfect and the trail was dry. Almost too dry as my black Muk is now white and covered in limestone dust. As Cody and I were riding back, we helped TWO people out of the ditches. All of a sudden you would see a light just tumble down the side of the trail. What the heck? Or in one case, no light tumble down. Just see the bike with no light veer off to the side. The guy was about 10 ft into the ditch. I helped pull him and his bike out. Said he was alright and we were on our way. Drink much?

The best part of the ride besides the weather, great atmosphere, and hot tacos? There were four fatbikes on the trail! Mike on his Pugs, me on my Muk, a deputy/sheriff on his blue Muk, and Anthony on his grey Pugsley. I talked to him shortly, can't remember what tires he was running. Possibly Nates, because I didn't see the 45NRTH Husker Du words on the side. He also had a belt driven Alfine8 drivetrain going. Pretty crazy, first that I've seen. His buddy kept yelling, "Google belt driven Pugs, belt driven Pugs." I guess its the only one out there according to his friend. Pretty cool.

The Mukluk is waiting to get some Botox in the cosmetic room

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