Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tonight's MNR

Was probably one of the longest bike rides home EVER. Not sure if it was the heat and humidity? Maybe the Bud heavy, Negra Modelo and two bags of Sun Chips that I ate? Or maybe the combined 35 miles of riding over the past two days. Whatever the cause, I seemed winded and my legs just weren't working as they should.

I got off of work and texted around, asking who was riding and who wasn't. I was hoping for more nays than yays. That would give me an excuse to hit the cool water of the pool instead of riding dirt on a 96 degree day with 40 some percent humidity. Sounds miserable, doesn't it? But I'm glad that I rode. After 6pm, the temps slowly start to drop and the welcomed wind helps to cool you down more. It was a slow ride tonight for many of us. No need to prove ourselves tonight!

By the end of the ride, I found it harder to keep in the center of the singletrack, as did Chris. Some nights are just like that. You're not quite focused for whatever reason and the bike is all over the place. We both commented on how lucky we are to be riding the fatties. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that i would have landed on my face a few times after going up those lips on the side of the trail.

Thanks to Chris for working the new reroute on the green line before the Ridgeline. Nice and wide, less chance of sliding down the hill! Welcome to Steve who happened to be in town from AZ visiting family and got out to ride with us. And thanks to Paul, Dale, and Brent for providing the after ride goodies. Had a great time!
They were naturally delicious!

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