Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just like me

Todd and I went out to Bennington Lake (Prairie View) to try out the fishing there. A kid walking out of the area gave us a ton of worms from a guy before him. We decided to try them out. Wow, we were catching fish left and right, actually lost count for each of us. Todd and I were thinking the same, it was actually getting annoying catching these small fish because you had to walk down the rocks to release the dozen or so fish that we each caught. He said it wasn't as relaxing as usual because seriously, every time we sat down we had something on our lines.

My cousins (and by cousins I mean other Asians) were out in swarms in the water catching something. At first we thought they were catching minnows, because we saw a ton when we first go there. But they were catching them by hand. So collecting rocks, snails? I finally asked and yes, snails. There were probably 25 of them out there in the knee deep water catching snails.

Yup, just lots and lots of small fish like this.

Was eating at good ol' Pizza Gourmet after doing some fishing today, saw this on their sauce list. Cracks me up. Just like your favorite Chinese (that's me!), I'm hot and sweet. Haha.

The buffalo chicken nachos are amazing. The colors from my phone are off, but believe me, delicious! At first, I was afraid to get them. 

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