Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rollin' to Colon 2012

Ahh...another Rollin' to Colon ride down in the books. Temps were nice and the sun was out. There was a little bit of wind to make you push just a little bit harder, but I've ridden in worse. Actually the wind was nothing compared to the Wear Yellow Ride and Tour de Cure. And yes, there was a giant inflatable colon this year! Seeing that thing made the trip out to Valley worth it for the Rollin' to Colon 2012 ride last Sunday, June 17. Oh yeah, that and the slap koozie! Sometimes its the small things in life (or in the case of the gigantic colon, its the big things in life)!

Thanks to the volunteers who helped to give riders a quick break.

Brandi and her team riding up to the 10 mile Sag stop. Halfway there!

What? No other fatbikes out there?

We were the two oddballs on wheels out there.

The ride starts at Valley High School and makes its way to Colon.

Bike rides are a great way to bump into old friends! Good catching up with you Jeremy!

This was my third year for the ride and I look forward to participating every year. Now I'm not on a road bike so I've never done the full 50 miles for this particular ride. I've never actually seen Colon, NE. Boo on my part. But I'm alright with that. I've managed to do the 20 miles each year and that is plenty for me. What's cool about this charity fundraising ride is being able to tell people about what it is about. You see the name register in their head and they're like, oh, I get it now! Directly off of their website, "Mission: The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force is dedicated to increasing the number of lives saved from colon cancer by promoting education, early detection and prevention." Now having worked with a nurse who found out she had colon cancer two years ago makes this ride even more important to me.

Always good eats after the ride!

Stephen Monroe, colon cancer survivor provided the tunes. Thank you!

Even more awesome about this ride was meeting an old friend that I haven't seen since high school. To date myself, that was a long time ago! He had followed my blog in the past and had asked me about various bike related questions. Just so happened that Jeremy and his wife were signed up for the 20 mile ride also! His wife Brandi had an entire team of riders consisting of coworkers from Three Rivers District Health Department. How cool is that? Their team, other teams, and individual riders made up a total of 435 registered riders for last Sunday's ride! Good job to all riders and participants. Also thanks to the volunteers that helped to make this ride happen. And a final thanks to Steph and her husband for letting me invade their barbecue afterwards. The food really hit the spot! See you at the 2013 ride!

I saw this show up in the box. Couldn't figure out what it was at first.

 Tada! Its a giant colon! 

Some of the Three Rivers team

Too many jokes are possible with an inflatable colon!


  1. Love it! Thanks again for another fabulous photo blog of Rollin' to Colon!

  2. Juneryan71@yahoo.comJune 27, 2012 at 5:13 PM

    What a great pictorial! I am sorry I missed it this year. Count me in next year! Congratulations to all who made the event both possible and profitable for colon cancer awareness and screening!