Thursday, June 14, 2012

MNR - Gold star goes to Cody!

You can never tell how the ride on Monday evening is going to go. You ride all weekend with your buddies, work a long day on Monday, then hop on your bike and head to Tranquility to shoot the breeze and get some pedaling in with your Monday Night Ride gang. Either your legs will be smoked or you'll ride like you mean it and everyone else seems to be in slow motion to you.

These past couple of Mondays have been less stopping and ride faster type of rides. I think that the after suds are on the minds of many of the riders. The faster you ride, the sooner the reward. We're becoming trained like Pavlov's dogs.

Now we've all fallen, whether it be on snow or dirt. Except Cody. I've never seen the boy fall. Until this past Monday. We had finished riding the lap and were conversing on the dirt road junction. Cody pops a mini wheelie and I was about to show off the skills on the fatty. But I didn't want to show how crappy I sometimes am at those. Then Cody does a trackstand next to me. Not bad and next thing I know...crash. Fall down for Cody. Foot still clipped in. He gets up and looks around with one of those did EVERYONE in the group just see that happen. Yes, we all did. Haha, it was pretty hilarious. I've never seen Cody blush and get embarrassed like that.
It was a big group of MNRs!

But I will give him credit. He later made up for it. While heading back to the parking lot, there was a little wreck right before Chris' new work of a section. Cody stopped behind the mini wreck, did a track stand, then once clear, took off and went over Chris' mound of dirt! No hesitation, no real speed, and no whoop and hollar. He treated it like it was his b*tch! I didn't even have the guts to tempt it without any speed. Congrats Cody on being the first that I've seen to clear it. You've redeemed yourself!

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