Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Summer of Awesome!

All I can say is wow! What a fun summer this has been, and its only the second week of June! You meet new people, but you also lose people that you were once close with. But with those new people come new stories and good times. This will be a very interesting summer! Already, this summer has been filled with private pool parties, BBQs and hanging with friends. All you can drink bottle serviced VIP lounges, and of course, tons of biking and fishing. Probably two of the most relaxing things that I can think of which allow you to enjoy the outdoors.  Can life get any better? Maybe...a date with a hot 1st grade teacher is in the works thanks to a coworker.

At Capitol

Because that's how we do it!

 Jonesfest out in Des Moines is in early July. Then I have trips planned to MI, the Ozarks, and Chicago to meet up with a friend who is moving there (she is scared sh*tless to live there by herself!). CWS is upon us this weekend and I fully plan to take part in the festivities. We are planning a patio pedal ride for a friend's birthday in the middle of CWS this weekend. What better way to enjoy downtown than to have 16 people pedaling one of those crazy looking pedal cars. Its sure to be a blast!

Happy Birthday to Darrin!

Molly and Lindsay are quite the dancers. Or so they think!

Bottle service with Three Olives vodkas and Crown. Ballers!

What? You've never been to a club with girls on swings?

Molly pretending to be Mr. Stark

Charity bike rides galore. Bike for Sight and the Wear Yellow Ride have come and gone. But I have Rollin to Colon this Sunday and will be meeting up with a friend there that I haven't seen since high school.

I have big plans for my photography this year, and add to that endless possibilities for my new house. Single bachelor with a four bedroom, 2.5 bath house? What am I to do? I already have a few ideas in mind, including a music room for my turntables and keyboard, and maybe I'll finally sit down and learn to play that guitar. Possibly a mini photography studio will be in the works. And now I have the crazy idea that I want to buy a cot for the downstairs patio, just like what we had while living in Waverly. Most comfortable thing to lay in during those summer evenings. Man, I can't believe that closing is only a couple weeks away! Furniture shopping and tv shopping is almost upon me (waiting to get the keys first).
 This is what we do at preparties. Karate Kid part 5. Actually Jeremy is convinced that his silly bracelet has life changing abilities when it comes to strength and balance. Or maybe it was the PBR tallboys talking.  

Don't worry, the pinky up and pink koozie and cupcake were all a joke. 

Pocahontas was quite the hit

Concerts galore are coming to town. My favorite band is coming to town in August (Deftones), I wish I had an endless pass to all of the awesome music acts coming to the area. Chevelle, Evanescence, Weezer, Garbage, Black Keys, 311, Papa Roach, Cake, Jack White, Band of Horses, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Slipknot, Urge, RHCP, and yes, Jane's Addiction. This is probably going to be one of the busiest summers of my life!

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