Saturday, June 9, 2012

My new toy

Alright, so it's not as fun as a new tv or laptop, but with a new house comes new toys. Power toys. And man there is so much that I need to buy! Why would I start with a weed wacker you ask? So that I can hang with the big boys now at Tranquility!

Wacked for about four hours today, did along the creek north of Fort Street all the way to the wetlands da dip. Then chatted with Chris for a little bit as he was working on his new section. He was ready to mow with his string mower, so I wacked the Fort Street loop. Mostly from the road/entrance into Tranquility and up through the pine trees. Was weird seeing all of those weeds growing in there instead of the pine needles on the ground. Weed wacker works like a charm!

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