Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Last night's MNR was a hotter one for the year. You're fine if you kept pedaling, but once you stop, there is no more moving air and you just starting sweating. Add the dusty trail and it made for a dry, hot, and dusty ride. We decided to make it a no stop ride (goal in mind) but man those guys were cooking it. I didn't know that a no stop ride meant to go race fast on the trail!

Dale and possibly a few others went to L and C to try out the new trailwork. Dave N, Paul, Brian, myself, Josh, and Mark completed the rest of the ride at Tranquility. Good times fellas! The trail is in great condition, get out there and ride!

That picture above actually takes skill. Try taking your camera out of your pocket AND a case while pedaling a rigid fat bike in the wetlands, steering with one hand. Then getting a good shot with the trail turning so that you can get all of the riders in the shot. Then putting your camera away into the case and pocket all while trying to keep up with the guys. One day I'm gonna eat it on a bump while steering with one hand!

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