Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bought a SUV

Oh wait...that's my Honda Accord 2 door that is somehow able to carry a ladder inside. Funny because I couldn't get the ladder out!

This week has been crazy. Yesterday, my car wouldn't start before a morning meeting. This happened last week but after ten minutes it fired up. Well this time, it wouldn't start after 30 min. Had to call for a tow. $90 and two blocks later, my car was at Tires Plus getting checked. Yeah, funny thing about that is starting Friday, I have new insurance AND road side assistance. But as of yesterday, I didn't. Seriously, worst timing.

Biked into work. Probably almost 90 degrees, air thick with moisture, strong headwind, and I biked up 132nd street and up 120th to get to Miracle Hills. Yeah, those big hills. Finally make it into work two hours late. Sweating like crazy, change my clothes, try to cool myself down. Of course, two other techs called in  so we were uber behind. I see a patient and I literally have sweat dripping off the top of my head and onto my arm. I'm pretty sure the patient saw it.
Other modes of transportation are always good!

Get a call, trusty ol' Honda needs a new fuel pump. Great. Fix it. I need the car this week no matter what. $650 later, the car is ready to be picked up. Car repair two days before my house closing? Sure, why not? I biked back to the shop in 101 degree weather with 38% humidity. Wonderful! I took three showers that day and still couldn't cool down!

Today, had my final walk through of the house. Sellers still have every single item in their house. Most of it is boxed up, but some isn't. I guess they close on their other house at the same time that I close tomorrow afternoon. I have no clue how they're going to have everything moved out by 5pm. They had asked a few weeks ago if they could use Saturday to move out, yes, one day after closing. Heck no! The house will be in my name with me paying the utilities. And what if they blow up the house on Saturday? Oh well too bad. It's under my name now. What a silly question to ask! Figure it out people, either get storage or load your crap into a truck and deal with it. I'm paying an extra month of rent so that I have time to move my junk out. I'm stressing, but at least I have time.

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