Monday, September 10, 2012

Winner winner

Winner winner, dvd dinner! Do people actually win those Facebook contests that you always see? Anymore, you see a contest and you must "Like" and sign up through facebook. Social media is a great way to advertise and draw in customers. But for the consumers, you worry about how they use and share your information. Does it bother me? Yeah, sometimes. I try to like only so many and not allow too many companies to access my information on Facebook.

Anyway, getting back to the winning. NFM has a facebook page and they are constantly having contests. Kickoff contest, sign up for a chance to win tvs, etc. Sure! Why not? Well I got a call last Monday from some weird phone number. Let it go to vmail while at work. "Mike, please call me at NFM. You signed up for the Kickoff sweepstakes from NFM and I have some very good news". What? Good news? Did I win the $9999 Sharp Aquos that you can sign up to win at NFM? Nope, but I did walk away with a dvd player. Not a blu ray player (I actually need another one for upstairs), but heck, its free and I can't complain. Can always use one. Thanks NFM!

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